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Mattei_Athena_Louvre_Ma530Athena is the defacto head of the Olympian pantheon in the world of In Nomine, effectively making her a Superior. While there are more senior members of the Olympian pantheon out there, they are all weakened, killed, missing, or compromised. As the face of democracy half the world over, she could probably take any of them (save the absent Hermies) in a fight.

During the Golden Age of Greece she was the patron of heroes, which means she has a lot of experience identifying potential Ethereal Soldiers – and likely continues to work through them, though in a far more subtle manner.


Information: Wisdom, Strugle: War, Society: State

Sample Servitor Attunements

Apatourian Gift

Athena delights in clever and deceptive tactics. Battle prowess is not nearly so important to her as victory. Those who have been granted the Apatourian Gift have the wit of the Greeks at Troy. Those with the Apatourian Gift may add their Ethereal Forces to any Move Silent, Fast Talk, or Tactics role that involve giving their target a gift of some sort.

Cost: 10 CP

Gorgoneion Visage

Although frequently called a curse, Athena can grant the gorgon’s visage to anyone who truly seeks it. Those with the visage are typically considered hideous, but they can paralyze with a glance. Mechanically this requires a Precision/Fighting skill which can be used at range but has no effect on those who intentionally avoid looking at the character. Instead of damage, the target will be stunned for a number or rounds equal to the CD.

For Celestials and Ethereals this effect will follow them between vessels and impacts their non-corporeal forms as well.

Cost: Ugly Discord + 7 CP

Palladium Guard

The Palladia were a collection of wooden tablets in the form of the Goddess Athena said to have fallen direct from heaven. It was said that any city which housed one of these devotionals could not fall. A Palladium Guard adds their Celestial Forces to all spear and archery attack and damage rolls while defending a tether of Athena.

Cost: 10 CP