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As 2018 draws to a close, here’s a list of Liber Neglecta’s 10 most popular Celestials:

10: Metatron, Archangel of the Word

Metatron was the first Superior to feature a write up on this blog. His place in the mythos was created as part of the original Steve Jackson writing team, but as a deceased angel, he has always been a bit of an enigma. In retrospect, the Servitor Attunement I created for Cherubs is a bit overpowered, but aside from that I think this Superior still stands up.

9: Camael, First of the Habbalah

Camael is something of a footnote in the official In Nomine literature. He appears in both the Angelic Player’s Guide and Infernal Player’s Guide as a celestial of immense prominence, yet no further details are ever provided.

I have proposed writing him up as the Viceroy of Punishment and as the Liege of Angels in Exile (Habbalah). Keep an eye out for him in 2019.

8: Titivillus, Demon of Typos

Titivillus is a minor but amusing “real world” demon that keeps visiting the works of this humble guardian. Please feel free to disregard anything the the write-up that seems ‘incorrect,’ the subject of the post likely got at it.

7: Kezef. First Demon Prince of Wrath

Kezef was a product of two separate projects. The first was to come up with stats for former demon princes. The second was to ensure the existence of a demon prince for each of the seven deadly sins.

6: Sandalphon, Fastest Angel in Heaven

Sandalphon has been one of the most searched for angels on the site since the beginning. In addition to a Vertigo Comics appearance, her real world lore is remarkably diverse. In the In Nomine universe, she is most well known for being the fastest angel in heaven.

I have not yet written a stat block for her, but that may change in the year to come.

5: Azrael, Archangel of Death

Azrael is hinted at in the core In Nomine rules, but never named. I have picked Azrael, but as something that represents endings within a universe defined by metaphors for sound, perhaps no name is the best.

4: Cassiel, Archangel of Tears

Like Titvillus, Cassiel has no official place within the In Nomine cosmos. However, his prominent place in the Kushiel series, the Supernatural series, and Abrahamic angel lore makes him a hard figure to ignore.

As the Angel of Tears, I have made him the spiritual successor to the Archangel of Water (the only Classical element to have no active Archangel).

3: David, Archangel of Stone

David is the only canonically defined Superior to make it onto this list. If I had to guess, it’s because his focus on human unity (regardless of form) has made him one of the most morally complex Archangels.

2: Lucifuge Rofocale, Demon Prince of Pride

Like Kezef, Lucifuge was a product of the former demon prince and the seven deadly sins project. He was also almost certain to turn out flawed, as Pride is typically the sin ascribed to Lucifer (and yes, I chose Lucifuge due to the similarity in names).

That said, I hear he has become a rather cunning handbag.

1: Dumah, Angel of Silence

Dumah is unique among the Superiors I have written up in that his allegiance is unknown. He appears to be an angel in hell who tolerates both sides while favoring neither. He has not given allegiance to the dragons or other ethereal powers, and while he remains silent it is impossible to tell if he speaks truths or lies (or even if such distinctions matter).