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If you have not heard, a patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church has warned that smart phone owners should be wary of the internet of things because the two in conjunction could create an avenue to gain control of mankind and thus usher in the Antichrist.

We’ll Take it From Here

If you pick the ‘right’ definition of antichrist, there are some sound theological arguments to be made here, but that’s not the purpose of this blog. We’re going to take this opportunity to present an Apocalypse of the Week.

Dramatis Diaboli

  • Mahuya – Balseraph Director of Lab 26
  • Oovend – Balseraph Project Manager studying Mneumonic Cretins
  • Quoriel – Lilin of Media and online influencer

What Happened

Oovend has made a break through: a new breed of Mneumonic Cretins dubbed Onieric Cretins which can be implanted in the human soul of a dreamer. He has been working Mahuya to create smart phone apps that will pull their users into Lab 26 when they fall asleep. Quoriel has been pushing the app en exchange for favors to be named later.

While in the lab, Oovend and his team of psychic surgeons create an Onieric Cretin out of one of the human’s forces.

Onieric Cretins

It is exceptionally unlikely that a human dreamer will become aware of their Onieric Cretin. Even thinking about it is likely to evoke body horror style nightmares. However, should a dreamer ever face their Cretin directly, they shall defend it like they would defend their very essence (which it has become in a very real way).

Those who have been infested with a Cretin tend to believe that they are under threat and will instinctively look for outside guidance (Will rolls to resist Lies, Seduction, and Fast Talk will be penalized by the speaker’s Charisma).

Such individuals are also subconciously god fearing. Should an angel or divine imagery show up in their dreamscape, they must succeed at a Will Roll to keep from moving to Beleth’s side of the Marches.

Finally, Oovend can activate an Onieric Cretin; immediately suborning the will of its host.

Fighting Oovend

The PCs are most likely going to learn of Oovend’s activities by realizing Quoriel is a demon, spotting Lab 26 code on their phone, or by entering an infested dreamer’s dreamscape. If they act quickly, they may be able to ruin Oovend’s entire operation.

Defeating a Cretin

Onieric Cretins are part of their hosts’ souls. The only way to destroy a Cretin is to get it to expose itself while the human is in the Marches, and then enter into Celestial Combat and destroy the Force the Cretin is bound to.

No matter what this will require permanently destroying one of the Host’s Forces, and may require destroying several. A humans facing such an onslaught will defend themselves and their cretin by any means possible.

In spite of the Cretin’s corrupted nature, destroying it does count as an attack on a human with all the corresponding disturbances in the symphony.

It’s Worse Than You Think

If you want to build a whole campaign out of this scenario, then consider the possible existence of a Celestial Cretin as well.

Without telling anyone, Oovend has already implanted these cretins into Quoriel, Mahuya, most of the Lab 26 staff, a handful of Blandine’s servitors who stumbled across the operation previously, and possibly even Vapula or Beleth themselves.

To outward appearances everything will be normal, but the infected will suffer a penalty whenever resisting Oovend’s will – and if he activates their Cretin’s he can hijack control completely.