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087 al jaamiBefore time was time, Jaami was the chief administrator of Heaven. Then Yves convinced the venerable angel to make way for the Metatron, During their tenure, Jaami helped heaven work as one, after sealing their own power and joining David’s ranks dissent was able to creep into heaven. This ultimately resulted in the betrayals of Lucifer, Ophis, and the Grigori. Recently Lawrence learned Jaami’s true identity, and after a particularly humiliating defeat he sought out the venerable Kyriotate and restored it’s full power.

The two have been thick as thieves since. They agree on everything, and slowly more of the Archangels are falling into line, assisting Jaami in gathering everything and everyone back together.

Note: This is a non-canon interpretation designed to allow for an Angelic antagonist – the cannonical version is a simple wordbound servitor of David.


It is dissonant for a Servitor of Unity to disagree with or disobey Jaani.

Choir Attunements


Al’Jaami is one of the 99 names of god in Islam. It is used to describe god as the unifier and gatherer of all at the time of judgement. Like most angels in In Nomine this character is not intended to accurately reflect contemporary theology, it just uses it as a springboard.

Seraphim – The Seraphim of Unity can get anyone who they are touching to agree with them.

Cherubim – Cherub in Jaami’s service always know the location of the nearest Angel.

Ofanim – The Wheels of Unity are never delayed by traffic, stalls or long lines. Such things automatically clear up in their presence.

Elohim – Unity’s Powers can permanently fuse any two objects by holding them together for a number of minutes equal to 7 – Corporeal Forces.

Malakim – Jaami’s Virtues fight as one. At the start of a fight the Malakite may select one willing ally; so long as they remain within 5′ of each other, the Malakite may chose to use any of their ally’s skills.

Kyriotates – partially restricted – The Kyriotates of Jaami are capable of possessing Ethereals and Celestials

Mercurian – Jaami’s Mercurian’s can tell at a glance which people in a room agree with each other.

Grigori – Jaami retired before the Grigori were founded – but if he did have any, they would each be able to see anything that any of the others observed.

Servitor Attunements

All for One – In order to act against the best interests of someone with All for One, their antagonist must first succeed on a Will Roll. If they fail, the antagonist must wait CD days before attempting the roll again.


Vassal of Unity

In a debate, Angels of this discussion can force anyone of Will 1 or 2 to agree with the majority.

Friend of The Indivisible

Upon reaching this distinction the Angel can also force anyone with Will 3 or 4 to agree with the majority.

Master of Consensus

When a group comes to a unanimous decision, an angel of this Distinction can make it into a deeply held belief. All members of the group double their Will when resisting attempts to make them act counter to the consensus.


  • Get a group of at least 7 to reach consensus


Allied – David, Lawrence
Associated – Eli, Dominic, Michael
Hostile – Gabriel, Janus, Yves
Enemies – Blandine


Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers

+1 Consecrated triquetra
+2 12 people reaching a unanimous decision
+3 1000 people working simultaneously towards a single purpose
+4 A national legislative body reaching a unanimous decision
+5 10,000 people working simultaneously towards a single purpose
+6 Original copy of the UN Charter