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The world is a punishment: beautiful to those without and terrible to those within.

Camael was one of the mightiest Elohim, and the first to fall during the war in heaven. His word was never Lucifer’s but rather a gift direct from the divine that he refused to relinquish. As such, Camael does not consider himself a demon prince, but instead sees himself as a patron of angels in exile. Outcasts are as welcome in his ranks as the fallen.

In the beginning, Camael served heaven directly – correcting those who erred through the application of pain and penance. He was assisted in this task by both Dominic and Asmodeus. When Adam and Eve failed in Eden, Camael was among those who believed they should be punished.

As an archangel, he used his seat on the Seraphim Council to back Lucifer’s position, and with the subtle encouragement of Asmodeus he recruited more and more of the host to back what Camael saw as the execution of his own word. However, when the Angel of Punishment realized that Lucifer was fomenting a rebellion, Camael turned upon his ally in anger, and fell.

When the rest of the damned arrived in Hell, Camael and his followers felt it was their duty to keep the other fallen contained. A duty they performed faithfully until Lilith helped the other damned to escape. Those who survived the following purge quickly went to ground. In Camael’s case, he hid within the ranks of his own one time protege, and many of his servitors have followed suit.

While true servitors of The Game see themselves as enforcing, manipulating, and taking advantage of the rules, Camael’s servitors use their position to make sure the denizens of hell realize that they are unworthy of grace.

But recently, Camael has begun to act in the open again. There is no proof that the Church of Punishment which has been cropping up in Principalities across hell is one of his creations, but the eldest surviving Demon Princes certainly suspect.

Dissonance Condition

Every servitor of Camael is dedicated to making the lives of demons a living Hell, whether they are in the realm below or not. Should one of their servitors go a number of days equal to their Ethereal Forces without killing a demon’s vessel or causing a demon to gain dissonance, they will be the one to gain dissonance.

Band & Choir Attunements

All Camael’s attunements are variations on the Habbalah resonance. When an emotion is imposed, it will penalize the target’s Int or Pre by the Servitor’s Ethereal Forces.

Seraphim & Balseraphs – Camael’s Most High hunt those who have broken their word. With a touch they can make anyone feel disgust towards such a person or act for a single day

Cherubim & Djinn – The Defenders and Stalkers of Punishment turn their ire on those who have been uncaring, callous, or cruel in a harmful way. They can fill such a person with an unrequited love for a single day.

Ofanim & Calabim – With a touch, punishment’s “movers and shakers” can compel anyone hiding their true nature to take immediate action. Normally this results in the target trying to satisfy an Ethereal or Celestial disadvantage or discord. If the target is unable to do so (either because of barriers or because they have nome) they will become furious for the next minute and likely to attack at random.

Elohim & Habbah – The Habbalah and Elohim of Punishment have the unique ability to make someone feel damned. They can make anyone they touch feel damned for the next day, disrupting any attempt to remove dissonance, and effectively increasing all disadvantages, discords, and dissonance by 1.

Lilim – Because the Lilim were never exiled from heaven, Camael is hesitant to take them on. However, their efficacy is undeniable. These demons can make anyone they touch feel contrite for the next hour. The Lilim can gain a Level 1 geas hook for hearing their targets confession and can geas bind the petitioner to their penance so long as it is commensurate with the magnitude of the crime within their target’s eyes.

Malakim – Few are the Malakim who enter Camael’s service. There is no need – they already punish demons, and do not need to ally themselves with another demon to do so. However, those who have embraced the path of punishment can use their touch to bind someone to their own sense of honor for the next day, even if this would be to their target’s disadvantage.

Kyriotates & Shedim – Camael’s Shedim and Kyriotates focus their punishments on those who take possession of something (or someone) without right or permission. With a touch, these Celestials can leave their target feeling empty and unfulfilled for the next hour. While so afflicted their target can only take half their normal actions.

Mercurians & Impudites – The most mortal of Punishment’s followers target those who have turned their backs on the divine, and can afflict them with an hour of all consuming sorrow with only a touch.

Grigori & Rephaim – Camael is particularly cruel to any member of the 8th choir. Any who wish to join his service must first hunt down and kill all their own scions. However, those who have completed this pennance can use their touch to make those celestials who have meddled in the affairs of man feel like they are anthema for the next hour. The target will not be able to use their role to reduce the disturbances they create, and if their vessel is destroyed they will go into trauma.

Servitor Attunements

Damned if You Do

Angels with this attunement may learn Band Attunements for their counterpart band.

Damned if You Don’t

Demons with this attunement may use their Angelic resonance, but will gain dissonance for doing so.


Deacon of Punishment

Any penance, penalty, or restitution proposed by the Deacon will generally be accepted as just and proportional by the humans they meet.

Curate of Comeuppance

Camael’s Curates can tell what someone’s greatest disadvantage or discord is by sight.

Rector of Fire and Brimstone

These Celestials can smell when (another) infernal is near and can “feel” the heat of hell rising off of them once they are close enough to touch.

Special Distinctions

Camael’s special distinctions both act like “half steps” a Chaplain Deacon outranks a Deacon but still answers to Curates.


Chaplains openly serve a Demon Prince and the Church of Punishment. They are simultaneously offered more respect for the risks they take and viewed with suspicion as potential double agents.


The Gaolers (or Mashchit) are unlikely to admit their identity outside of the Church of Punishment, and even then frequently do not reveal this affiliation. They were the original followers of Camael who had assumed the task of keeping the denizens of hell imprisoned. Their power was broken when Lilth started opening infernal tethers up on earth.

Higher Distinctions

Camael’s higher distinctions include Bishops, Auditors, and Cardinals. Auditors and Cardinals in particular tend to hold high ranks within the hierarchy of other superiors.


  • Cause a demon to gain dissonance
  • Return a demon to hell


Associated: Asmodeus, Beleth
Neutral: Magog, Malphas
Hostile: Everyone Else
Enemies: Baal, Kronos, Lilith


There is no reliable way to summon Camael as he is still in hiding. Instead he or one of his agents will surreptitiously pay call on each of his servitors roughly 1/month.