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All is Vanity, C Allan Gilbert

One of the problems with a zombie horde is how to hide it. Zombies aren’t exactly known for their sterling good looks or for their initiative – but one thing they do retain are their instincts. Dancers, this includes precision movement, stage makeup, and masking injury – three important skills to hiding the fact that one is dead.

The corpse de ballet is troupe of 6-24 dancers (depending on the needs of the story) who are all dead, most are zombies, but one or two may be vampires or mummies instead, and at least one will be a hellsworn who directs the others, making sure they remember their routines.

For the most part the corpse is an innocuous (if carnivorous) oddity – but it does also provide a one time supply of shock troops for a savvy enough demon or sorcerer (especially one with a necromantic bend).

Corpse Dancer

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 5, Agi 7]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 3, Pre 5]
Celestial Forces: n/a

Song: Numinous Corpus (Claws/3)*

*or as appropriate for their repertoire, e.g. wings for Swan Lake

Skills: Acrobatics/3, Dancing/4, Dodge/3, Fighting/3, Move Silent/3 (+4 misc. skills)

Rites: Succeed on a Dancing roll with a CD of 6 when you have an audience

Need: Raw Meat Puree/3