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allseeingConsidering the fact that sier word is Visability, Arbatel is not seen on earth much at all. This is because shortly after sie attained sier word, sie was placed under Dominican sanction for revealing heavenly secrets without leave or cause. When Arbatel can come to earth sierself, sier visits are brief and brilliant affairs, but more often sie is forced to work through proxies.

Like most servitors of Lithroy, Arbatel hates secrets. Sie can be called upon to improve both physical and cultural visibility – but sier authority and interest end there. It is precisely because Arbatel has not followed any cause or individual past the point of visibility that sie has not faced the far more serious accusation of Vanity that Dominic would like to pin upon sier wings.

Arbatel, Angel of Visibility

Elohite of Lithroy, Master of Discovery

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str: 7, Agi: 5]
Ethereal Forces: 6 [Int: 12, Pre: 12]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will: 4, Per: 12]
Word Forces (Visibility): 17

Songs: Attraction (Corporeal/4), Calling (Celestial/4), Fire (Ethereal/4), Memory (Ethreal/4), Nimbus (Ethereal/6), Numinous Corpus (Eyes/6), Projection (Ethereal/4), Sight (Corporeal/6, Ethereal/6V, Celestial/6V), Storms (Corporeal/6), Tongues (Corporeal/6), Transferral (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/4, Celestial/4)

Skills: Detect Lies/4, Emote/6, Savoire Faire/6, Sorcery (Command/3, Summon/5), Tactics/4, Writing/4

Rituals: Awe Demonling, Awe Demon, Awe Reliever, Summon Reliever, Summon Choir (All), Summon Angel by Name (Several)

Arbatel has shared the ritual to summon Orc (and a few other angels), though it is unclear if Orc can still be summoned with the old ritual as they have since been promoted and wordbound. Most servitors of Dominic and Jean are inherently distrustful of Arbatael and sier followers.

Special Rite

  • Stay in the public eye from sunrise to sunrise


  • Elohite of Lithroy


  • Vassal of Inquiry
  • Friend of the Quest
  • Friend of the Unseen (Janus)
  • Master of Discover