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Sigil of Asmoday - GoetiaShould a party ever go searching for the apostles or should a grail quest make a turn for the infernal, the players will likely be directed towards Sandakel. He claims to have been Yves defender assigned to Jesus of Nazareth. His fellow prisoners below have taken to calling the Djinn “Iscariot,” and while he does not deny it, never once has he called himself by that name.

Sandakel will recall bible tales from a personal perspective, but refuses to answer questions about the divinity of Jesus and claims that he does not care where Jesus, Mary, or the Apostles ended up. The first is an obvious lie, but not even the promise of heaven could tempt Sandakel to give up that secret (if he has it), while the last is likely true (unless it’s convenient for the GM to make it otherwise).

Sandakel (Iscariot), Djinn of The Game

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str: 4, Agi: 4]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int: 5, Pre: 7]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Awe: 10, Will: 6]

Vessel: None, Sandakel is in Hell

Songs: Banishing (Corporeal/4, Celestial/2), Healing (Corporeal/3), Nimbus (Corporeal/2)
Skills: Artisan (Storytelling/4), Detect Lies/4, Fast Talk/3, Knowledge (Accounting/3), Lying/4, Move Silent/4, Seduction/2, Small Weapon (Knives/3)

Discord: Jaded/1