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The PC’s have broken heaven’s rules for the last time. Whether or not they deserve in, the party has come to the attention of a determined and belligerent Seraph of Dominic who is convinced that one or more of them must be sinners deserving of heaven’s punishment.

Those who have come to Dominic’s attention previously might wonder why their interrogator is acting outside a trinity. If this question comes up, the Seraph will state that they are elsewhere or that they are otherwise occupied.

However, if they players do some digging of their own they may realize that their interrogator has been putting in extra hours, roughing up every angel in the area who has ever committed a transgression, no matter how small or how long ago.

The reason is simple enough – the Seraph is itself dissonant and is covering up its own fear and dysphoria with ever greater anger, desperately hoping that a surprise bust could offset some if the unexpected celestial deafness it’s dissonant behavior has brought about.