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Warrior, guardian, healer, witch, all of these terms have been used to describe Elder Aeneth. She is a dangerous and primal celestial who expects passion and commitment from those under her command.

notesAeneth is an Elder from the Nightmare Symphony, she’s not from the core setting, though you are certainly welcome to add her.

Aeneth is also a master seeker, a savant of sympathetic magic, and the consort of Elder Haddu. If you are playing in a setting where the Nightmare Symphony is hidden away in a dark corner of the “True” Symphony, she may also have physical relations with Baal. Her celestial form is a chimera of tiger, hart with bat wings and a snake for a tail. Regardless of what form she wears she’ll be smeared or splattered with blood somewhere.


It is dissonant for a Servitor of Aeneth to withdraw from a challenge or conflict without drawing blood. If the Angel chooses to draw their own blood for this purpose, it is dissonant for them to accept healing.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim: The Seraphim of Blood are known for striking true. Attempts to dodge this angel’s attacks are penalized by the angel’s Corporeal Forces.

Cherubim: Aeneth’s Guardians will not let any threat escape once they’ve blooded it. These angels can faultlessly track anything that’s bleeding.

Ofanim: Few can get the drop on one of Aeneth’s Ofanim. These angels are exceptionally skilled at drawing first blood and always win initiative.

Elohim: The Elohim of Blood can look into a person’s eyes and determine just how serious they are and how much they’re willing to sacrifice for a cause.

Malakim: The Blood Virtues are never at a loss at how to draw forth their Word. These angels can use anything they lay hands on as if it were a weapon. By default the Fighting skill may be used for anything, but a GM may chose to increase the effectiveness of an improvised weapon if the character uses some other combat skill.

Lilin (restricted): The Tempters who serve Aeneth will never forget a dept. If someone resists a geas from this angel or dies without fulfilling it, the angel may transfer the geas (or geas hook) to the remainder of that person’s bloodline. Should anyone in the bloodline (including full siblings and blood siblings) satisfy the geas, it is discharged.

Kyriotates: Aeneth’s Dominations are masters at reshaping flesh and blood. These angels do not require essence to sing the Celestial Song of Form.

Mercurians: Mercurians of Blood are specialists in bloodlines and can tell at a glance who in a room is biologically related to whom.

Grigori: The Watchers of Blood can tell how much blood someone has shed, and of what sort just by looking at them.

Servitor Attunements

Blood Ties: An angel of Aeneth may cause someone to be effected by any of the Angel’s Songs that effects some of their blood. The maximum range of this effect is dependent on the angel’s Celestial Forces: 1 mile if they have 1 Celestial Force, 10 miles if they have 2, 100 miles if they have 3 etc. At 6 Celestial Forces the range is unlimited, but cannot change planes of existence.

Chirurgeon: When an Angel of Aeneth uses the medicine their patient chose to use the angel’s Intelligence instead of their own Strength when healing wounds or resisting diseases and toxins.

Howl: Servitors of Aeneth can howl out a frightening war cry – anyone within Corporeal Forces feet will be stunned by fear and unable to attack, they can still dodge.

Niddah: Servitors of Aeneth can initiate or restore regular menses to anyone with a uterus.


Vassal of Blood

Those who have been recognized by Aeneth can turn simple liquids like water into more complex ones like blood or wine.

Friend of the Sanguine

Once this angel has committed to a fight, they become immune to fear effects until the end of combat.

Master of the Abattoir

As above but they angel may share the ability with those who fight by their side.

Core Rites

  • Exsanguinate an animal
  • Kill an adversary in battle (2 Essence)

Additional Rites

  • Deliver a child
  • Paint a room with blood
  • Exsanguinate a human (2 Essence) or a Celestial (3 Essence)


Chance of Invocation: 2

Invocation Modifiers

+1 a fresh wound
+2 a pint of blood
+3 an animal sacrifice
+4 a human sacrifice or a slaughterhouse
+5 blood from the spear of longinus
+6 a battleground on the day of battle