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Denizens of the Nightmare Symphony frequently feel like they are being watched. Often because they are. Hamuel is said to have an eye in every shadow.

While this is likely an overstatement, no one can ever quite be sure. Hamuel is responsible for observing the state of the symphony, offering recommendations and if necessary direction to the other elders, ensuring the productivity and effectiveness of heaven, and disciplining wayward angels whose activities are at cross purposes to that of the council of elders.


Hamuel is an Elder from the Nightmare Symphony, they’re not from the core setting, though you are certainly welcome to add them.

Only those who are on the council know Hamuel’s true form. Others generally find themselves speaking to an eye in the wall that hadn’t been there previously.

Celestial Attunements

Seraphim – The Seraphim of Oversight are the ultimate technocrats. Their truth is that authority should align with competence. When offering advice, they may chose to have their Status be treated as equal to their Ethereal Forces even in contexts unrelated to their Role.

Cherubim (restricted) – The Cherubs of Hamuel are especially skilled at tracking individuals and items of interest, and are able to attune themselves to a number of additional patterns equal to their Ethereal Forces.

Ofanim (partially restricted) – The Wheels of Oversight are Hamuel’s first responders. This angel doubles their Celestial Forces when determining the TN to hear a Disturbance. If the angel is Ofanim, then it may Immediately succeed on a resonance with the source of the disturbance, using the same CD for both detection and resonance.

Elohim – When one of Hamuel’s Powers speaks with a Celestial, they can hear the magnitude and nature of it’s Discord(s).

Malakite – The Malakim of Hamuel can hear the dissonance in any Celestial within a number of yards equal to the Malakite’s Celestial Forces, and with a successful Perception check can make out the most recent cause of dissonance.

Lilim (restricted) – The Lilim of Oversight do not need to fulfill a need when geasing a celestial into an act that would remove it’s dissonance. Should the target resist, both this angel and their target gain dissonance.

Kyriotate (restricted) – Hamuel’s Dominations do not require a host to split their Forces. Each “body” of forces is able to observe its surroundings and interact like a celestial (generally meaning: use songs)

Mercurian – The Mercurians of Oversight can touch a person and with a successful Perception check understand their story from their own perspective.

Grigori – By observing a scene or procedure for 10 minutes this angel can determine what records are kept and where.

Servitor Attunements

Crack the Whip – When striking someone, this angel may chose to inflict Mind Hits instead of Body Hits. If the target does not pass out they may add an amount to their next roll equal to the lower of the Hits and the Angel’s Corporeal Forces.

Data Forensics – When provided with thorough records, these angels may attempt to “hear” relevant Disturbances up to a week old using their Precision.

Find Fault – After a week of observation, this angel can identify the individual who is least committed to a group’s purpose. This can only identify someone present at some time during the period of observation.

Sanction – When an Angel fails in their duty towards either Heaven or their Elder due to discordant behavior, the servitor of Hamuel may impose a sanction for a number of days up to their own Celestial Forces. While under Sanction, all Essence costs are increased by the Level of the named Discord.


Vassal of Oversight

The angel may imbue their voice with such confidence that those with the weakest Wills (1 or 2) will will immediately follow simple, unambiguous direction so long as it does not present abnormal risk.

Friend of Management

Same as above but those with Wills 3 and 4 are also effected.

Master of Awareness

The angel is aware of everything that goes on within a number of yards equal to their Celestial Forces.


Chance of Invocation: 5

Invocation Modifiers

+1 a mirror
+2 a plucked eye
+3 a live video of yourself
+4 exactly 305 pulled teeth
+5 CCTV monitoring station with at least 50 feeds
+6 any national intelligence headquarters

Hamuel will open one of their many eyes or ears whenever they are successfully invoked, but will only engage in a conversation on a CD of 5+ (the summoner may chose to increase the TN by 2 to increase the CD by 1).

Hamuel will generally meet with each of their earthbound servitors once a month even if they are not invoked, though it is generally assumed that they observe their servitors more frequently.