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Okay, so the Hazbin Hotel pilot is finally out – and more or less exactly the mass of infernal humor, Heavy Metal, and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends that I was hoping it would be.

Honestly, if you haven’t watched it yet, do so and come back. This show is right up there with Good Omens as one of those things you really should watch if you want to play In Nomine.



So rather than join the myriad of people opining on a 30 minute excerpt of what I hope will be a several season long series – I figured I’d give some of my initial thoughts on how to integrate the cast of the Hazbin Hotel into an In Nomine setting (and more specifically, the one I’ve been building on this blog),


All though I’m sure there are some surprises in store, Charlie is basically a starting character. She’s got 9 Forces, the Ethereal song of light, and a propensity towards Musical theater. It’s heavily implied that her parents are Lucifer & Lilith, which would most likely make her a Balseraph or Nephahim, but since neither of those two are particularly prone to following the rules, she could be anything.

Since redemption and hospitality aren’t hallmarks of any of the Demon Princes, it’s fairly safe to say she’s a Renegade.


I’m pretty sure Vaggie is a Blackwing. While we only get 30 minutes of action in the pilot, Vizziepop and team show a lot of demons, and Vaggie is the only one who has the same Xed out eye as the Exterminators. As with Charlie, she appears to be a starting 9 Force character right now, but I expect that we’re going to learn she’s more powerful than she lets on. Like Charlie, she’s invested in the redemption project, so probably a Renegade or Outcast.

Sir Pentious

Balseraph of Technology, Director of Lab 23 whose delusions lead him to believe he is powerful enough to claim a Principality by Force. He has no Word and remarkably little Awareness for someone of his status, but he also has a near endless supply of loyal demonling henchmen. Beware his ray guns. Probably has somewhere around 13 or 14 Forces but a lot of artifacts.

Cherri Bomb

Habbalah of Fire, Baron of the Demonic Brazier and explosive hellraiser out to level anyone who thinks they can lay claim to her patch of dirt. She’s a a skilled demolitionist with an admirable throwing arm. She’s probably only a Force or two shy of Sir Pentious, though she doesn’t have as many allies.

Angel Dust

Effeminate Spider Djinn of Lust, Prostitute, Porn Star, and Knight of Infernal Pleasures. He’s got a weakness for drugs and bawdy repartee, and he prioritizes his reputation over his own personal goals. Although only a Knight, he’s able to dust it up with Barons and Count’s just fine. Probably comparable to Cherri Bomb in terms of Forces.


Lilim of the Media and Nattering Nabob of The Radio. Alastor was once mortal, which for In Nomine means that he made a pact with either Lilith or a Demon (and given his band, we’ll just say Lilith) to have his mortal forces flayed from his Soul and incorporated into a newly fledged Infernal. However, he managed to transfer a lot of his arcane knowledge as well, and quickly became a power player in Hell. While Sir Pentious pretends to the power of a Prince, Alastor may well have it. However, he’s more interested in keeping his enui at bay than ruling.

Although Alastor is the Radio Demon he has powers that go well beyond the purview of that Word. Were he an In Nomine character, I suspect that his actual word would be The Aether, something which he has managed to keep on the down low (both for the entertainment value and because misinformation gives him an edge).

You can expect Alastor to show up on this blog again


A Shedite of Fire who is no longer a demonling, but likely isn’t up to the power level of a starting PC – Probably runs about 7 Forces.


A winged feline Djinn of The Game who is too Jaded to really care about keeping order in Hell. Corrupt as… well, probably only turns folks over to Asmodeus when the screws are on, or if it would let him welsh on a debt. Boozy & skilled with cards, and also a “starting 9 Force character” albeit one with history.

Razzle & Dazzle

A pair of piano playing Calabim bodyguards who keep Charlie safe. Since Lucifer doesn’t keep Servitors and Charlie isn’t powerful enough to; it’s likely they’re in Lilith’s service. We haven’t seen them in action yet, but it seem likely they’re around 8 Forces each.

Katie Killjoy

An infernal TV personality, news anchor, and Habbalite of the Media. 9 or 10 Force, and some impressive numinous corpus.

Tom Trench

News anchor and Impudite of the Media. Might actually be a people person if it weren’t for ratings.