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All is Vanity, C Allan Gilbert

Shimei Gerason is an ancient sorcerer who has been walking this earth in one form or another for around 3000 years. Towards the end of his first lifetime, Shimei lost the faith of his king and star pupil, and was to be put to death. Knowing that his consorting with demons made an eternity in God’s presence unlikely, the Sorcerer made a desperate gamble, convincing his liege to execute him with a ritual that would abolish his spirit entirely (and unknown to his lord, bind it forever to his body).

Of course, it is hard to deceive the wisest man in the world, even after he began his descent into sin. Mid way through the ritual his pupil realized the sorcerers intent, and corrupted the process. It was too late to prevent Shimei from attaining immortality, but it was only half an existence, forever defined by darkness and unnatural thirst.

The world was told that the execution had been completed, and Shimei had been thrown out into the wilderness to fare for himself.

For more than a thousand years Shimei continued to build his arcane knowledge, but eventually he decided that he would rather spend his eternity in comfort rather constantly looking over his shoulder to determine which god or demon might be out to revenge itself for its servitude.

These days few wizards even know Shimei’s Gerason’s name, let alone that he remains active in the world. On the other hand, venture capitalists have heard of the old “angel” investor who guides his protege’s into financial success and his private quarters (though not always in that order).

Although he keeps a low profile, Shimei Gerason is powerful enough that even the nobility of hell is unlikely to pick a fight unless personally slighted. It is said that the ancient magus knows rituals that can bind even an Angel or a Demon Prince at need (in actuality several of the Demon Princes owe him relatively small favors, but they were backed by Lilith herself so it’s generally more trouble than it’s worth for the Prince to void the debt)

Shimei Gerason, Ancient Vampiric Sorcerer

Corp. Forces: 3 [Str 5, Agi 7]
Eth. Forces: 4 [Int 7, Pre 9]
Cel. Forces: 5 [Will 10, Per 10]

Role: Venture Capitalist/6


  • Banishment
  • Suggest
  • Command Minor Ethereal
  • Command Demonling
  • Awe Demonling
  • Awe Demon
  • Symphonic Awakening
  • Protective Ward
  • Sacrifice for Essence
  • Store Essence
  • Create Spirit Anchor
  • Permanent Ward
  • Summon Demonling
  • Summon Named Demon

Skills: Banishment/4, Demonology/6, Detect Lies/4, Drive (Coach/2, Car/2), Fast Talk/2, Focus/4, Investment/4, Lying/2, Riding (Donkey/2), Savoir Faire/3, Seduction/2, Singing/2, Summon/5, Survival (Urban/2, Desert/3)

Languages: Hebrew, Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Italian, Latin, Ugaritic


  • At one point Shimei had a Level 2 geas hook on each Goetic demon. It is up to the GM how many of these geases remain.


  • Need (Drink Sweat)/3
  • Vulnerability (Sunlight)/3
  • Geas (Lilith)/2 x12
  • Vestigium (Scarification)/1