The list of Archangels has been getting unwieldy. I have split it into 4 sub-lists. Please go to the relevant page if you want more details on one of these Archangels.

If you’re specifically looking for a comprehensive list of Abrahamic archangels, Gustav Davidson’s book A Dictionary of Angels is a good source.

Canonical Archangels

  • Blandine, Cherub Archangel of Dreams
  • Christopher, Cherub Archangel of Children
  • David, Malakite Archangel of Stone
  • Dominic, Seraph Archangel of Judgment
  • Eli, Mercurian Archangel of Creation
  • Gabriel, Ofanite Archangel of Fire
  • Janus, Ofanite Archangel of Wind
  • Jean, Elohite Archangel of Lightning
  • Jordi, Kyriotate Archangel of Animals
  • Khalid, Elohite Archangel of Faith
  • Lawrence, Malakite Archangel of The Sword
  • Lithroy, Seraph Archangel of Revelation
  • Marc, Mercurian Archangel of Trade
  • Metatron, Seraph Archangel of The Word (deceased)
  • Michael, Seraph Archangel of War
  • Novalis, Cherub Archangel of Flowers
  • Oannes, Archangel of Water (deceased)
  • Raphael, Elohite Archangel of Knowledge (deceased)
  • Uriel, Malakite Archangel of Purity (recalled)
  • Yves, Archangel of Destiny
  • Zadkiel, Cherub Archangel of Protection
  • Unnamed Archangel of Death

Fallen Archangels (Canon)

  • Andrealphus, Mercurian Archangel of Love
  • Baal, Seraph Archangel of Valor
  • Beleth, Cherub Archangel of Fear
  • Lucifer, Seraph Archangel of Light
  • Malphas, Kyriotate Archangel of Fractures

Non-Canonical Archangels

  • Cassiel, Elohite Archangel of Tears
  • Enoch, Child of the Grigori, Archangel of the Host
  • Kobal, Mercurian Archangel of Laughter (fallen)
  • Meserach, Ofanite Archangel of the Sabbath (fallen)
  • Orc, Kyriotate Archangel of Networks
  • Shekinah, Archangel of the Divine Presence

Lesser Superiors

  • Azariah, Castellan of Blandine’s Tower
  • Daniel & Hutriel, Angels of Final Judgement
  • Emmanuel, First of the Menunim
  • Galgaliel, Ofanite Angel (of the Sun)
  • Israphel, Seraph Angel of Music
  • Jehuel, Seraph Seneschal of Notre Dame
  • Orc, Kyriotate Angel of Networks
  • Rashid, Kyriotate Angel of Prayer
  • Seraphiel, Seraph Angel of the Inquisition
  • Soldekai, Malakite Chamberlain of the Legions of Flame

14 thoughts on “Archangels”

  1. Do you plan on doing more Real World Superiors on the Blog? I’m planning on running a campaign based around the Archangel Cassiel but i can’t find any in nomine info that isn’t intended as a joke?

  2. I hadn’t actually considered Cassiel – I would probably build him as an Cherub or Elohite Archangel of Temperance. I’ll give it some thought.

  3. i’m also using your “little death” version of Azrael in my game. It’s intended to be more of a lighthearted philosophical comedy then an all out war. I’m also using your idea of Asmodeus as the war leader in my game.

  4. I’d also like your opinion on if an unfallen Beliel would work alongside Baal and Andrealphus, or if it would be to unbalanced to retain all 3 as archangels.

  5. I think it could work – but you would probably need to give Hell some new superiors to help balance out the powers. I’ve actually got a bunch of ideas for alternate Infernal superiors that I’m planning to post once I get through a string of blogs on Lilith.

    However, there are two major consequences with keeping Belial on the side of heaven. (1) Gabriel would be sane. (2) Demogorgon would be the Demon Prince of Destruction (which would also probably help balance out the loss of Ba’al).

    • Gabriel’s sanity still seems to be a sticky wicket for me whenever i read to superior books. Creating the idea that Gabriel being sane basically obliterates islam is basically my stupid saminga equivalent.

      • I don’t think her sanity would obliterate Islam (in fact, I think it would have quite the contrary effect – it would result in more angels accepting it as divinely inspired). However, I do think it would result in a rather strong rivalry between her and Dominic.

      • My issue with gaberiel being sane with islam still being a divine religion is reconciling the muslim idea that jesus is a prophet with gaberiel being intelligent and aware of “his/her” surroundings. If jesus is in fact a prophet how does that make him independent of gaberiel. or as fiddler on the roof asks “they can’t both be right”, can they?

      • Being a prophet is not the same as being right, nor does it inherently imply agreement with other prophets. Within the world of In Nomine, Gabriel is as much the patron of Greek Sibyls and Norse Volva as she is of Elijah, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad. (Zoroaster is a bit iffier since he was working directly with Eli).

  6. So when you feel ready i’d like to see a pairing article for belial and gabriel similar to the one you did for baal and michael.

  7. So i’m planning on starting up a surreal ethereal-centered game after i introduce my players to cassiel (if the first campaign is a success). i was wondering if you could just give some advice (i.e. not a article) on a top 5 superiors list for gaming and television (i’m looking for superiors tied to modern gaming concepts like grinding, mob management, conservation of resources, etc. as well as slice of life-type angels in the vain of in nomine anime).

    • The Superiors list is really short. For heaven, Orc & Jean. For hell, Asmodeus, Lilith, & Nybbas.

      The Wordbound might be a touch more complex. I’d probably go for the following:

      The Angel of Gaming Guilds – Kyriotate of Stone or Elohite of Lightning
      The Demon of Ethics in Gaming Journalism – Balseraph of Factions
      The Demon of Grinding – Shedite of Fate
      The Demon of Microtransactions – Shedite of Games or Greed
      The Demon of Lag – Habbalah or Lilim of Technology

      Any of the demons could also be switched to Media (though they’d still probably have the indicated Band Attunement).

  8. So since its snowing heavily at home and work I’m wondering what the angels of snowballs, snowcrafting, skiers, and shovelers would have as their chiors. Also do you think the angel of snow days would be a celestial spirit instead of an angel?

    • Steve Jackson has left “cold” conspicuously absent. Since they’re also missing anything related to water – I suspect they had originally intended to have a splat book covering the topic for both sides.

      Right now the closest superiors you’re likely to find are Janus and perhaps Saminga.

      As for the angels you ask about:
      – Snowballs: Elohim, Mercurian, or Malakite (possibly of Children)
      – Snowcrafts: Elohim (possibly of Creation)
      – Skiers: Mercurian or Ofanite
      – Skiing: Definitely Ofanite
      – (Snow) Shovelers: Cherub (possibly of Stone)

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