Canonical Archangels

The following is a list of all the Archangels which exist as part of the In Nomine Canon.

If you’re specifically looking for a comprehensive list of Abrahamic archangels, Gustav Davidson’s book A Dictionary of Angels is a good source.

notesI have not used the official In Nomine sigils for the Archangles. There are two reasons for this: (1) Those images have copyright protections; (2) Steve Jackson has only published sigils for about half the angels.

Archangels: Canonical † Fallen † Non-Canonical † Lesser


Cherub Archangel of Dreams
In Nomine p110 | Revelations II p7 | Superiors III p5 | PlaylistServitors


Cherub Archangel of Children
Revelations I p16 | PlaylistServitors


Malakite Archangel of Stone [original choir: cherub]
In Nomine p112 | Revelations IV p9 | Superiors I p5 | PlaylistServitors


Seraph Archangel of Judgement
Former Servitor of Metatron
In Nomine p114 | Revelations III p7 | Superiors I p36 | PlaylistServitors


Mercurian Archangel of Creation
In Nomine p116 | Superiors: Eli | PlaylistServitors | Where’s Eli?


Ofanite Archangel of Fire
Although it is non-canon, I will frequently make Lucifer and Gabriel early allies given the interrelated nature of Light and Fire.
In Nomine p118 | Revelations II p18 | Superiors III p38 | Playlist | Servitors | Flames of Heaven | Angelarium


Ofanite Archangel of Wind
In Nomine p120 | Playlist | The Janus Project |  Servitors


Eloite Archangel of Lightning
In Nomine p122 | Playlist | Servitors | Upgrades


Kyriotate Archangel of Animals
In Nomine p124 | Playlist | Liber NeglectaServitors


Elohite Archangel of Faith
Former Servitor of Uriel
Revelations V p53 | Superiors III p71 | Playlist | Servitors


Malakite Archangel of The Sword
Former Servitor of Uriel
In Nomine p126 | Revelations I p7 | Superiors I p70 | Servitors


Seraph Archangel of Revelation
Former Servitor of Raphael
Game Master’s Pack p28 | Superiors: Litheroy | Servitors


Mercurian Archangel of Trade
Canon does not establish Marc’s original Superior, but I will typically treat it as Metatron
In Nomine p128 | Servitors


Seraph Archangel of The Word [deceased: killed by Lucifer]
Because Metatron was heard but not seen, it is entirely possible he was something other than a Seraphim, but that’s what canon sources call him.

Liber Neglecta


Seraph Archangel of War
Michael was one of the 1st Archangels, but only received the Word “War” after the Rebellion. That means he started with a different Word. Although it is non-canon, I tend to assume his original word was “Might”
In Nomine p130 | Revelations V p13 | Superiors I p103 | Liber Neglecta | Servitors


Cherub Archangel of Flowers
In Nomine p132 | Servitors


Archangel of Water [deceased: killed by Belial]
There is not much canon information on Oannes. I have styled him a Malakite who was originally an Elohite.
Liber Neglecta | Servitors


Elohite Archangel of Knowledge [deceased: died to destroy Legion]
Liber NeglectaServitors


Malakite Archangel of Purity [original choir: seraph – recalled to higher heaven]
Ethereal Player’s Guide p140 | Liber Neglecta | Servitors | Anglearium


Archangel of Desitiny
In Nomine p134 | Revelations III p28 | Superiors III p104 | Servitors


Cherub Archangel of Protection
Former Servitor of Flowers
Revelations III p42 | Superiors: Zadkiel | Servitors | Angelarium

Archangel of Death

Canon has not revealed the name or choir of the Archangel of Death, only that he exists. Several homebrews identify him as Azazel the Grigori. While I am tempted to follow suit, this requires actively defying canon – which identifies Azazel as Lucifer’s Secretary. I have instead opted to tap Azrael for the post.
Liber Neglecta | Servitors | Anglearium