Litheroy, Archangel of Revelation

UnavailableSeraph † Active † Canon
“The world is waiting to be revealed
in all its glory”

Official Writeups
Feast of Blades p27 Superiors: Lithroy

allseeingUnofficial Writeups

Former Servitor of Raphael

Likely Inspiration

Not a clue. The closest thing I can think of is the pearl merchant Lithargoel, who is sometime counted among the angels.

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Arbatel, Angel of Visibility - Considering the fact that sier word is Visability, Arbatel is not seen on earth much at all. This is because …

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Reimagining Litheroy - Earlier this year I established that I am no fan of Litherites – but I do not think that they …

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Song for Lithroy - Lithroy is the In Nomine archangel of Revelation. His domain includes truth, honesty, news, research, and of course the end …

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Why I Have Trouble with Litherites - Litherites are the Paladins of the In Nomine universe. Not only can’t they lie (common to any Seraph), but they …

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NPCs from Superiors: Litheroy & Eli - The Angels from Superiors: Litheroy, Superiors: Eli, & Superiors: Zadkiel, have now been integrated into the relevant pages. Changes have been …

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