Michael, Archangel of War

MikeySeraph † Active † Canon
“The world is a war,
raging across reality.”

Official Writeups
In Nomine p130 † Revelations V p13 † Superiors I p 103

MichaelUnofficial Writeups
Might & Valor

1st Angel

“Mikey” by Trows

Likely Inspiration

Michael (“who is like God?”, Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל‎‎; Greek: ΜιχαήλArabic: ميخائيل‎‎) is an archangel in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Christians refer to him as the “Taxiarch Archangel Michael” or simply “Archangel Michael”.

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Angels of Viktor Vanetsov - Viktor Vanetsov was a Russian painter who lived from 1848-1926. He was especially well known for painting historical and mythological …

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Besso & Gemelo, Battle Twins of War - Besso & Gemelo are one of Michael’s “battle twins” – a Kyriotate that resides in two identical vessels rather than …

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Heresy of the Faithless Angels - Demons and Angels who have become jaded with the incessant back and forth between Hell and Heaven have begun to …

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Legion: Good for GMs and little else - Legion is a great movie for an In Nomine game master to watch. An absentee god, angels fighting angels, outcasts …

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The Light of Heaven (& The Ohr) - One of the things I love about In Nomine is that there is no reliable narrator. Every book has doubt …

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Might and Valor - Before the rebellion in heaven neither Michael nor Baal had any association with War, and in truth there was barely …

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