Servitors of Zadkiel


Out of respect for the sacrifices involved, Zadkiel treats Seneschal as a Special Distinction.

Master Seneschals

  • Ahazia, Cherub Master of The Watch,
    Seneschal of People’s Garden
    [Revelations III p115]

Other Seneschals

  • Unknown, Seneschal of Homes Away from Rape an Persecution
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p20]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Mission Dolores
    [Liber Neglecta]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Swiss Red Cross
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p21]

Masters of The Watch

  • Unknown, Kyriotate Angel of Caution, Master of The Watch
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p23]

Friends of the Guard

  • None Identified

Vassals of Protection

  • None Identified

Wordbound [Distinction Unknown]

  • Unknown, Elohite Angel of Intervention, opposed by Malphas’ Intervention
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p23]
  • Unknown, Cherub Angel of Last Stands, opposed by Kobal’s Famous Last Words
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p23]
  • Unknown, Seraph Angel of the Right to Bear Arms
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p23]
  • Unknown, Angel of Stockades
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p23]


  • Celine “Celine Trist,” Seraph
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p27]
  • Mrs. Hamish, Cherub Guardian of the House of the Holy
    [Liber Reliquarum p37]
  • Sukhbir, Kyriotate Warrior of Peace
    Playable Character
    [Liber Neglecta: Sukhbir]
  • Unknown, Mercurian trying to earn word of “Gun Control”
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p23]
  • Unknown, Kyriotate trying to earn word of “Traveler’s in Distress”
    [Corporeal Player’s Guide p112]


  • Chief Joseph, Saint
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p33]
  • Gen. George Crook, Saint
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p33]
  • Horatius Cocles, Saint
    [Superiors: Zadkiel p32]