Fallen Archangels

Each of the following Archangels joined Lucifer’s Rebellion. Their heavenly cathedrals lie in ruin and no new angels take up their banner. However, the attunements of an abandoned Word will still function – so it is possible for some of the oldest angels to carry the vestiges of these traitors’ heavenly powers.

This list only includes those Demon Princes who were once Archangels. Some of the other Demon Princes began their career as a Servitor.

Archangels: Canonical † Fallen † Non-Canonical † Lesser


Mercurian Archangel of Love
Liber Neglecta | See Demonic Listings | Former Servitors


Seraph Archangel of Valor
Liber NeglectaSee Demonic Listings | Former Servitors


Cherub Archangel of Fear
It is rumored that Blandine’s bodyguard is comprised of Angels of Fear who took Malakite oaths rather than follow their leader into Hell.
Liber Neglecta | See Demonic Listings | Former Servitors


Seraph Archangel of Light
Former Servitors | As Angel of Adversity


Kyriotate Archangel of Fractures
Former Servitor of David
See Demonic Listings | Former Servitors