Lesser Superiors

The following list of angels are among the most powerful serving In Nomine‘s Heaven. Each has a word Integral to heaven’s cause, 17 or 18 Forces, and the backing of a Superior or Choir to act in its stead.

None are officially Superiors, but any of them could step into a Superior’s shoes if it is appropriate for them to do so in your campaign.

Archangels: Canonical † Fallen † Non-Canonical † Lesser


Master Sentinel of the True Dreams of Heaven, Castellan of Blandine’s Tower
Blandine’s Tower is the second most powerful Tether in Heaven, and Azariah is its Sensechal. Should anything happen to Blandine, it is assumed that Azariah, one of the last Cherubs of Fear, would assume a portion of her duties along side Emmanuel.

Daniel & Hutriel

Malakite & Cherub Masters of Judgement, Angels of Final Judgement
When working in Concert, Daniel & Hutriel are equivalent to a Superior. They have to be. They are the only Angels permanently stationed in Hell. They currently answer to Dominic, but could just as easily be servitors of Yves.


First of the Menunim, Angel of Hope
Emmanuel is the first of the Choir of Menunim. Should anything happen to Blandine, it is assumed the Emanuel and Azariah would split her duties between them.


Ofanite Angel of the Sun (Word not Specified in Canon)
For generations, Galgaliel has represented the Ofanim choir before the Seraphim Council. He is the only former Servitor of Lucifer to hold any position of significant Authority. It is unclear if he serves Gabriel or one of the Angels of the Higher Heavens. He may already be an Archangel, but he has not accepted any of the trappings of that station, lest he draw the Ire of Judgement.


Seraph of Creation, Angel of Music, Songmaster of Heaven
Should Dominic ever successfully try Eli for heresy, he would almost certainly move to have Israphel installed in the Archangel’s place. A full write up of Israphel is provided in Liber Cantecorum.


Seraph Seneschal of Notre Dame
Jehuel holds an Attunement, Distinction, or Rite from every living Archangel. He is considered one of the most powerful Angels on the planet, second only to the Archangels themselves. He reports directly to the Seraphim Council and almost never leaves his tether.


Kyriotate Angel of Networks
By canon, Orc is a Master of Lightning specializing in computer networks, which have jumped to worldwide importance recently.  Moreover, his Word was identified as “Networks” – while he may have started with computer networks because of his ties to Jean, all networks that rely upon interconnection would be fair game.


Kyriotate Master of Faith, Angel of Prayer
Rashid is Khalid’s most powerful Servitor. If Faith had Fallen, Prayer would most likely have been elevated in his place. A full write up of Rashid is provided in Superiors III.


Chief Inquisitor of Judgement, Seraph Angel of the Inquisition
Should anything happen to Dominic, Seraphiel would most likely take his place. Of the two, Seraphiel is even more rulebound and less tolerant. He is also the most senior Seraph shy of Archangel.


Malakite Chamberlain of the Legions of Flame
Though no one would dare say it in front of a Gabrielite, many already consider Soldekai to be the true Archangel of Fire. A full write up of Soldekai is provided in Superiors III.