Non-Canonical Archangels

Some of these are Archangels that I would like to see which currently have no presence in the In Nomine universe whatsoever. Others involve minor tweaks to character histories so that they change from being Servitors to being Archangels in their own right.

Archangels: Canonical † Fallen † Non-Canonical † Lesser


Elohite Archangel of Tears
Former Servitor of Oannes
Liber Neglecta


Child of the Grigori, Archangel of the Host
Denizen of the Higher Heavens
Liber Neglecta


Kyriotate Archangel of Unity
Liber Neglecta


Mercurian Archangel of Laughter [fallen]
By canon, Kobal never made Archangel, but he certainly could have
See Demonic Listings | Liber Neglecta


Ofanite Archangel of the Sabbath [fallen]
In canon, Meserach was a powerful servitor of Janus who fell and became the inverse of Wind. However, if Meserach was the Archangel of the Sabbath, he instead becomes a Celestial who overindulged on one aspect of his word.
See Demonic Listings


Kyriotate Archangel of Networks
By canon, Orc is a Master of Lightning specializing in computer networks, which have jumped to worldwide importance recently.  Moreover, his Word was identified as “Networks” – while he may have started with computer networks because of his ties to Jean, all networks that rely upon interconnection would be fair game.
Liber Neglecta


Aspect of God, Archangel of the Divine Presence
Denizen of the Higher Heavens
Liber Neglecta