Servitors of Dominic

Chief Angels

  • Raguel, Malakite Chief Executioner
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p46]
  • Seraphiel, Seraph Chief Judge, Angel of the Inquisition
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p22, Superiors I p51, 56]

Master Inquisitors of Law

None Identified

Master Warders of Law

None Identified

Masters of Law

  • Daniel, Malakite Angel of Final Judgement
    [Revelations III p15, Superiors I p51]
  • Deuteronomy, Seraph Seneschal of the Code of Hammurabi
    [Liber Castellorum p76]
  • Hutriel, Cherub Angel of Final Judgement
    [Revelations III p15, Superiors I p51]
  • Koriel, Seraph Angel of Equal Truth
    [Pyramid Magazine, Revelations V p71, Superiors I p51&57]

Friend Inquisitors of Judgement

  • Falendric, Ofanite
    [Revelations III p17]

Friend Warders of Judgement

None Identified

Friends of Judgement

  • Mihr, Elohite Angel of Mercy
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p40, Superiors I p57]

Vassal Inquisitors of Judgement

None Identified

Vassal Warders of Judgement

  • Zelezni, Cherub Vassal Warder Seneschal of Alcatraz
    [Liber Neglecta]

Vassals of Judgement

  • Adoriam, Kyriotate
    [Liber Servitorum p12]
  • Bartholomel, Seraph
    [Revelations I p102]
  • Karadael, Seraph
    [Revelations I p102]

Given the partisan and controversial decisions that have recently come from the SCOTUS, Etecitus may be compromised.

Seneschals [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Etecitus, Seraph Seneschal
    of the U.S. Supreme Court Building
    [Liber Castellorum p76, Revelations III p14, Superiors I p48]
  • Mosai, Kyriotate Seneschal of Judgement Glade
    Yuba Indian site at McClellan Air Force Base
    [Liber Castellorum p76, Revelations III p17]
  • Zedekiah, Mercurian Seneschal of the Nuremburg Tribunal
    [Liber Castellorum p76, Superiors I p49]
  • Unknown, Mercurian Seneschal of Avrillac Chapel
    [Liber Castellorum p76]
  • Unknown, Cherub Seneschal of Brown County Courthouse
    [Liber Castellorum p76]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Inner Temple, London
    [Liber Castellorum p76, Superiors I p48]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Judge Roy Bean’s Courtroom, Texas
    [Liber Castellorum p76, Superiors I p48]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Palais de Justice, Paris
    [Liber Castellorum p76, Superiors I p48]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the World Court
    [Superiors I p48]

† Service to Dominic is non-canonical.

Other Wordbound [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Unknown, Angel of Arbitration
    [Revelations III p9]
  • Unknown†, Mercurian Angel of Elections
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p64]
  • Unknown, Angel of Investigations
    [Revelations III p15, Superiors I p51]
  • Unknown, Angel of Logic (shared with Jean)
    [Revelations III p11, Superiors I p45]
  • Unknown, Angel of Mediation
    [Revelations III p9, Superiors I p51]
  • Unknown, Angel of Negotiation (presumably shared with Marc)
    [Revelations III p9]
  • Unknown, Angel of Police
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p50, Revelations III p15, Superiors I p51]
  • Unknown, Angel of Restitution
    [Revelations III p15, Superiors I p51]
  • Unknown, Angel of Swift Justice
    [Revelations III p15, Superiors I p51]

Inquisitor Servitors

None Identified

Warder Servitors

None Identifed


  • Abdiel, Seraph
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p22]
  • Aira, Seraph
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Azariah, Ofanite
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Donrathiel, Seraph
    [You Are Here p20]
  • Eluzai, Elohite
    [Liber Castellorum p72]
  • Fersaith, Kyriotate
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p88]
  • Gestrain “Justine Pick,” Cherub
    [Revelations III p16]
  • Hushbon “Alejandro Lopez,” Mercurian
    [Liber Servitorum p10]
  • Imtd, Cherub
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Iuridis, Malakite, one time Servitor of Purity
    [You Are Here p81]
  • Jason, Cherub
    [Liber Castellorum p72]
  • Jophiel, Cherub guard of the Gates of Eden
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p28]
  • Joshua, Elohite
    [You Are Here p81]
  • Julia “Julia Frenion,” Elohite
    [You Are Here p81]
  • Madian “Meredith Summers,” Ofanite
    [You Are Here p44]
  • Peitro, Ofanite
    [You Are Here p41]
  • Portia, Cherub
    [Revelations III, p13]
  • Ra’uf, Menuite
    [Liber Neglecta: Ra’uf]
  • Scorn, Malakite
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Shemeridan “Sebastian Papandreou,” Cherub
    [Liber Servitorum p11]
  • Sorush, Malakite Excutioner of Fallen Angels
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p46]
  • Asirah the Vigilant, Kyriotate
    Playable Character
    [Liber Neglecta: Asirah]
  • Zadok, Seraph
    [Superiors I p56]

Mortal Soldiers

  • St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Marcus Isaacson, Professor [Liber Servitorum p103]
  • St. Peter “Simon,” Saint [Revelations III p65, Superiors I p79]

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