Servitors of Laurence


  • Paul, Malakite Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Cross
    [Superiors I p92]
  • Jahdiel, Cherub Seneschal of St. Peter’s Basilica, Commander of Angels in the Vatican
    [Liber Castellorum p83, Superiors I p87]


  • Peliel, Malakite Angel of Righteous Vengeance, Grand Cross Puissant of the Order of the Eternal Sword
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p46, Revelations I p15, Superiors I p74, 89, 93, 139]
  • Tahariel, Malakite High Commander of the Guardians of the Vale, March Warden (Blandine), one time Servitor of Purity
    [Revelations II p92, Superiors I p92, You Are Here p120, Liber Neglecta: Uriel’s High Commanders]


  • Curtis, Malakite Angel of Etiquette, Grand Master of the Sword
    [Superiors I p96]

Masters of the Armies of God

  • The Old Guy, Malakite Seneschal of Treaty Oak
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p82, Revelations I p99]
  • Tharael, Ofanite
    [Revelations I p41]
  • Unknown, Human Saint, Grandmaster of the Order of the Sacred Heart
    (Probably one of these Saints)
    [Superiors I p92]

Friends of the Lord’s Troops

  • Armenta, Mercurian Seneschal of the Chapel of St. Joseph of Arimathea
    [Revelations 1 p12, Superiors 1 p87]
  • Evani, Kyriotate
    [Corporeal Player’s Guide p111, Revelations I p41]
  • Festinate, Ofanite efficiency expert
    [Liber Neglecta: Festinate]
  • Leggiadrous, Elohite, Graceful Emmisary
    [Liber Neglecta: Leggiadrous]
  • Martenas, Malakite Sergeant-at-Arms of the Seraphim Council
    [Revelations III p70]

Vassals of the Sword

  • Invictus, Elohite
    [Revelations III p116]
  • Maodea, Ofanite Angel of Giving Thanks, in service to Curtis
    [Liber Neglecta: Giving Thanks]
  • Mishael, Seraph
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Paltiel, Ofanite
    [Liber Servitorum p27]

Seneschals [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Omparkash, Malakite Seneschal of Angkor Wat
    [Superiors I p87]
  • Taro, Malakite Senschal of Okayama Prison
    [Liber Castellorum p83]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem
    [Superiors I p87]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Hagia Sophia, Istambul
    [Superiors I p87]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Masamune’s Forge in Kamakura
    [Liber Castellorum p84]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Our Lady of Perpetual Grace
    [Liber Castellorum p84]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Stockton Gurdwara Sahib
    [Liber Neglecta: SF Bay Area Tethers]

† Service to Lawrence is non-canonical.

Other Wordbound [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Bitigedilu, Mercurian Angel of a Forgotten Word
    Playable Character
    [Liber Neglecta: Bitigedilu]
  • Hasmed, Elohite Angel of the Single Shot
    [Liber Neglecta: Hasmed]
  • Orion, Malakite Angel of Hunting, one time Servitor of Purity
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p46, Superiors I p89]
  • Tychagar†, Ofanite Angel of Heavenly Communication
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p34]
  • Unknown, Angel of Armorers
    [Superiors I, p89]
  • notes

    Lawrence probably has servitors guarding or questing for the most famous swords in Christendom (e.g. Durandal, Excalibur, Tizona, &c.). Some of these Servitors may even be wordbound to the sword in question.

    Unknown, Angel of Cavalry
    [Superiors I, p89]

  • Unknown, Angel of Churches
    [Superiors I, p89]
  • Unknown, Angel of Chivalry
    [Superiors I, p89]
  • Unknown, Malakite Angel of Kings
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p50, Superiors I, p89]
  • Unknown, Angel of Priests
    [Superiors I, p89]
  • Unknown, Malakite Angel of Righteous Anger
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p50, Superiors I, p89]
  • Unknown, Angel of Sunday School Teachers
    [Superiors I, p89]


  • Abednego, Seraph
    [Liber Castellorum p27]
  • Aceris “Stephan Viers,” Seraph
    [You Are Here p50]
  • Angela “Sr. Marie Lanier,” Kyriotate
    [Superiors I p97]
  • Athanasius, Malakite
    [You Are Here p71]
  • Helmrich, Malakite
    [Angelic Player’s Guide p116]
  • Jehoiakim, Malakite
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Joshua, Mercurian
    [Revelations I p15]
  • Pasach, Malakite Guardian of the Vale
    [You Are Here p122]
  • Phillipe, Ofanite
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Trent, Cherub
    [Revelations I p104]
  • Yrian, Cherub Chapel Guardian of the Wall of Names
    [You Are Here p91]
  • Zenan “Mary Ariksen,” Elohite
    [Liber Servitorum p26]

Mortal Soldiers

  • Paul Kennedy “Preacher Man,” Saint
    [Liber Servitorum p104]
  • James Nelson
    [You Are Here p60]
  • Marya “Urania” Smirnitskaya
    [Liber Reliquarum p117]
  • Mother Wilkinson, Saint
    [Revelations I p14]
  • Pope Urban II, Saint
    [Pyramid Magazine, Superiors I p80]

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