Once this “book” is up and running, it will serve as a clearing house for my thoughts on the In Nomine RPG published by Steve Jackson Games. It will include mechanics for missing or alternative Superiors, new Songs and Discords, variant skills and mechanics, and other ways to view the universe.

What it will not include is any mechanical material provided in the physical or digital manuals put out by Steve Jackson Games.

I welcome input from other In Nomine enthusiasts.

For those of you who have managed to get your hands on the GM Guide – I tend towards gray games of middle-low contrast. I like it when Angels can be morally questionable and demons can have the best interest of man at heart – but on some level I do still like a good guys/bad guys dichotomy, even if I play with it a lot.

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the In Nomine system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

63 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice, thanks.

  2. So what’s next on the superiors agenda? I’m ironing out my roster but i have plenty of time to wait since i’m starting my campaign next april.

    • I may actually need to take a bit of a break next month. I’ve been promising the Janus posts for some time and while they’re getting close to done, I’d like to spend a little extra time to dust them off and make a few last revisions so that I can post them over the course of January.

      Once that’s done, I’ll probably going to start fishing around for another Canon superior to work on (though again that’ll be a long a slow project). Short write ups may be coming for Astaroth, Orc, and the Demon Prince of False Gods. (I lost my notes for Orc and have been dragging my feat about pulling my thoughts back together).

      I’m probably going to avoid Shekinah for awhile longer, but I will probably make two different versions of her once I finally get to it. One “high power” version that would justify her being an Angel of the Higher Heavens, and one “low power” version where she is basically equivalent to any other Archangel.

  3. What happened to the Christmas post? I got the e-mail but the link is Dead

  4. Looked at the comic entry for Misfile and it gave me a good idea for a short summer game. The basic gist of it is that every wish that a kid makes on their 16th birthday comes true and after the day is over the forces of heaven sort the wishes into separate categories (i.e. good wish, bad wish, no wishes made, wish shows promise, etc.), kinda like st. nick’s naughty and nice categories!

  5. I also got a early Christmas present in the form of “How did it begin?” a book of various symbols, customs, and idiosyncratic phrases. For example lynching is named after Thomas Lynch, the first person to witness the activity. My dark fantasy players may be pretty shocked when they find out that malphas’ newest demon is actually accompanied by a mortal!

    • Got back from christmas vacation and it seems that i won’t be using be using the phrase book i received. It literary copy-pasted from wikipedia and then pasted the wrong name on the 2nd page for the lynching topic!

  6. Have you looked at windoffthehilltop.com? There are a few things i like on the site but other concepts that look worrisome to me like the idea of Pre-Adamites and ghosts becoming Ethereal Gods.

  7. so i was thinking of rephraseing in nomine terms with kid friendly terminology for my summer game (like calling a note of dissonance a din, dicord a kerfuffle, and dissonance conditions ruckuses) and was wondering if could hook me up with online resources to reskin the other terms used in IN Nomine.

  8. so do you anything about the burning man festival in nevada? i’ve wanted to place a tether at the site but i don’t have any idea what the festival is about.

    • I’m not a burner, so my perspective is limited – but at a guess, it’s a tether to Gabriel (overseen by a Servitor of Eli in her service). The most common celestial visitors would probably be associated with Eli, Janus, Gabriel, Marc, Fleurity, Lilith, Mammon, Nybbas, and Vapula (basically, those who inspire, create, migrate, or deal with trade and status).

      • i don’t want to cultivate stereotypes because i like fire festivals but a bunch of ones i’ve heard about do end up slipping into either nude beach parties or beerfest mentalities, so i want to not just place tether by popular culture references (i’ve had similar problems with baba yaga’s pan-soviet shenanigans and the “ley-line magic” of woodstock in rpgs)

      • From what I’ve heard, a certain amount of that does happen, but the focus generally stays on art, creation, and moneyless exchange (except in the super-rich enclaves, where the moneyless remains, but not the exchange).

    • Here’s a list of “planned events” from 2014. It should give you an idea of what sorts of stuff people get up to: http://playaevents.burningman.org/2014/playa_events/1/

    • so with music festivals like woodstock and the like do you think tether placement would always go to the same superiors or would they have different variations based on the music culture of the country? I could also use some help with how international children’s festivals form tethers to use in the summer game.

  9. So i’m running a dark mirror style campaign for kids in my summer game using contrasting superiors (hope & fear, love & lust, wind & theft, etc.) and i’m looking to broaden the archangel of love to match the expanded write-up of lust in pleasures of the flesh. Could you give some suggestions on expanded rites as well as how to pull off the dark mirror aspect without using too many “dark” superiors like dark khalid or magog?

    • I’m probably not going to much in the way of expanded rites for inverted superiors – but some can be figured out just by mirroring what’s already there for Andre.

      For example, “preach the virtues of true love to a group of 100+” or “cause someone to forswear their vices for the sake of their true love.”

      Dark reflections is a bit easier. Most of the archangels and demon princes have an opposite number.

      Fate v. Destiny
      Solidarity v. Factionalism
      Fire v. Fire
      Lightning v. Technology

  10. So my fire vs. fire idea was to have a “good” beliel as gaberiel’s companion and have Soldekai become gaberiel’s dark mirror in his place. Could you try to write an article like you did for micheal and baal?

    • I may, but there’s a lot less canon material to draw from. Baal was established in published materials as the Angel of Valor – we don’t know what position (if any) Belial held. In fact, the impression I get is that he was a rather minor angel before the fall.

  11. so i’m still using curiosity, famine, and false gods for my summer game. despite storium getting a full release recently the framework for in nomine is still unavailable. I’m telling my players to assume that the framework will be out in late may/early june so will they be available by then? or should i tell my players they will be mentioned but not interacted with directly until they come out?

  12. So i’ve developed an interest in easter complexity and would like to see a musing article with the heaven centered posts. i doesn’t need it to be this month be i would like some christian calendar philosophy to work into the background of my game.

  13. so i want my summer game to teach sustainability as a lesson & i’m wondering which archangel would be best used to emphasise this as well as which dempn prince to use as an ideal counter-point.

  14. So my summer game is going feature a few famous eating contests as tethers since i want to explore the relationship between haagenti and competitive eating. is it possible to have a contested tether at an eating contest if it is meant for a purpose other then just overeating?

    • Sure. Contested tethers tend to flicker back and forth between the Superiors who could have a claim – and for a purely temporary event like an eating contest, it’s unlikely the tether would last long enough to gain a Wordbound seneschal.

  15. so left a post on christopher and jordi due to lack of grigori attunements and i just wanted to know if grigori are still being worked on or if their will be any more posts about the nephillim.

  16. found a new app on facebook that determines your destination based on your facebook profile.
    You’re refreshingly devilish, which is why you will go to hell! No one is completely flawless, but you really break all the rules! You’re bold sense of humor and your sarcastic personality will be very popular among your fellow sufferers in hell. Share your result with your friends so they can also find out whether they are going to heaven or to hell!
    So i’m basically going to be stuck with Kobal for the rest of my life, doesn’t sound too bad……oh wait. 🙂

  17. when are you going to get back to don’t rest your halo or discord articles? i’ve been waiting for stigmata or addiction entries so that i can better represent them in my dark fantasy. i’m trying to balance between creating a world that is legitimately dangerous and a world with “dangerous” habits everywhere. i’m trying to avoid the “everyone drinks” stereotype and also the “injury/disability/curse as punishment” stereotype in my game.

  18. http://www.windoffthehilltop.com/i-Make-UpDept.html So my friends are fans of the non-traditional angelic forms and i was wondering if these surrealistic angelic forms would unbalance the summer game too much.

  19. do you think you might be able to do a compilation article of all the grigori and lilim attunements that you’ve done so far? it would really be helpful for me to have them in one location for quick-reference.

  20. big news! kickstarter is crowdfunding a 2nd Angelarium until the 2nd tuesday in august! the actual volume is due to come out next year in march.

  21. is their a good way to work wedding photography into in nomine? what about kirlian photography?

  22. demon princes have the wrong link. it leads to the 3rd superior book instead of the 2nd.

  23. did you catch my old post from the 2013 mythos article? i’m looking for elements for additional mythos superiors.

  24. so i’m planning on making ophis the balseraph of baal the power behind the throne of hell in my game. would this change his superior attunment or would it just make him a replacement baal?

  25. This would be a good fit for in nomine, they have a chapter on using dialect in other games, and words are an important aspect of in nomine’s celestial characters.

    • To a point – I think it would be a good resource if you want to take players into the realm of being wordbound, but it inherently requires you to leave “the real world” which means it’s going to be an ‘elseworld’ setting.

      Then again, there are certain concepts that might only become relevant in a world where Angels and Demons really exist.

  26. Could you give me a list of preferred songs for mortal soldiers of Tamiel & Khalid since neither one existed when the corporeal player’s guide came out? I’m also wondering what a Grigori counterpart to Kobal’s Delios would have for an attunement.

    • Amusingly, he actually did exist already. Khalid was one of the Archangels to appear in the original draft materials for the setting – he was just kept on the back burner until the Revelations cycle was published.

      But that’s neither here nor there.

      I suspect that Khalid would most likely teach the Corporeal songs of Calling, Forbidding, and Sanctity.

      And honestly, Tamiel would probably teach the same songs – though you could probably swap one out for Darkness.

  27. So I thought of you when I saw this picture of Facebook.

  28. Bryan Gustafson said:

    So there’s a new meme going this month on Facebook. Let’s just say the Secret Service is going to have to be very careful if they use the word “duck”.

  29. And here’s another one. “This is how you end up doing odd jobs in Shal-Mari.”

  30. So I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do on liber neglecta. My storium account is finally getting closed after I found out the majority of storium content for in nomine is basically a paltry portion of what it could have been after a major copyright kerfuffle. (This message brought to you by the archangel Raphael, who probably knew this has going to happen and who regrets not being present in this timeline to inform you. ;))

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