Demon Princes

The big list of Demon Princes was beginning to get unwieldy, so I have split it into four groups. Please go to the relevant sub-page if you want more details on one of these Demon Princes.

Canonical Princes

  • Alaemon, Impudite Prince of Secrets
  • Andrealphus, Impudite Prince of Lust
  • Asmodeus, Djinn Prince of The Game
  • Baal, Balseraph Prince of War
  • Beelzebub, Djinn First Prince of Corruption (deceased)
  • Beleth, Djinn Princess of Nightmares
  • Belial, Calabite Prince of Fire
  • Fleurity, Habbalite Prince of Drugs
  • Furfur, Calabite Prince of Hardcore
  • Gebbeleth, Mysterious First Demon Prince of Secrets (missing)
  • Genubath, Mysterious Prince of Rapine (deceased)
  • Haagenti, Calabite Prince of Gluttony
  • Kobal, Impudite Prince of Dark Humor
  • Kronos, “Balseraph” Prince of Dark Fate
  • Legion, Shedite Second Prince of Corruption (deceased)
  • Lilith, Human Princess of Freedom
  • Magog, Shedite Prince of Cruelty
  • Makatiel, Mysterious Prince of Disease (deceased)
  • Malphas, Shedite Prince of Factions
  • Mammon, Balseraph Prince of Greed
  • Mariel, Mysterious Princess of Oblivion (deceased)
  • Meserach, Mysterious Prince of Sloth (deceased)
  • Nybbas, Impudite Prince of Media
  • Saminga, Shedite Prince of Death
  • Valefor, Calabite Prince of Theft
  • Vapula, Habbalite Prince of Technology
  • Vephar, Habbaltie Prince of the Seas (deceased)
  • Demogorgon, Calabite Archduke of Destruction

Non-Canonical Princes

  • Abaddon, Calabite First Prince of Destruction (deceased)
  • Camael, Habbalite Prince of Punishment
  • Dark Khalid, Habbalite Prince of Fanaticism (alternate timeline)
  • Orifiel, Calabite Prince of Wrath

Homebrewed Princes

  • Former Demon Princes
  • Kezef, Habbalite First Prince of Wrath (deceased)
  • Leonard, Habbalite Prince of False Gods
  • Leviathan, Nephilhite Princess of Envy
  • Lucifuge Rofocale, Mysterious Prince of Pride

Seven Deadly Sins

  • Andrealphus
  • Haagenti
  • Kezef (deceased)
  • Leviathan
  • Lucifuge Rofocale
  • Mammon
  • Meserach (deceased)
  • Orifiel

13 thoughts on “Demon Princes”

  1. So do you think kobal could be easily redeemed? I’m thinking of doing a kobalite redemption arc but i want to keep things mostly realistic.

    • I’m not sure any of the Demon Princes could be easily redeemed. However, he’s not one of the Princes whose bound his whole identity up in opposing heaven in general or one of the archangels in particular, so yes. It would probably be easier to redeem him than a lot of the others.

      • Would you mind doing stats for an angelic kobal and the demon of false worship when you finish with the deadly sins? I just limited my last post because i didn’t want to give you too many things to work on.

      • No problem. Though I think Bright Kobal will probably write himself. That’s part of why I keep putting it off.

  2. any advice on running grigori and nephilim as archetypical heroes and villians without all the talk about miscegenation and “weird enoch stuff”?

    • I’d probably do something like what I suggested in the Diablo crossover post – make them symphonically aware humans and remove the Force limit.

      If you’re playing with a mixed party, give them 1 extra XP each session as well.

  3. Any advice on archangel lucifer? I’m looking to make a perspective flip/mind-screw version trapped in the city slumbering where satan is actually a hero.

  4. So how would you handle placing tethers to “the 3 deadly sins”? Since the words of pride, sloth, and wrath are not available in canon in nomine what kind of events would end up spawning tethers to the sin’s principalities?

    • Pride would probably focus on monuments and landmarks people had built in their own honor (e.g. Hearst Castle) and places renown for fashion (e.g. Vidal Sassoon’s first London salon).

      Sloth probably wouldn’t have that many permanent tethers (too much work). However, sites of laziness, depression, or indolence would be candidates (e.g. The Tower in Yakama, Washington). And personally I’d almost certainly give him a floating tether that moves about the Doldrums.

      Wrath would probably take sites of revenge killings (e.g. Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River), mass shootings, and executions (e.g. Place de la Concorde in Paris).

  5. Found a entry from the book of days that sounds like a great adventure hook.
    There were also certain ministers or officers of the privy-purse of Belzebuth, such as:
    1. Kobal, director of the theatres, who was in this world the patron of comedians
    2. Asmodeus, the superintendent of the gambling-houses
    3. Nybbas, the grand-parodist, and who had also the management of dreams and visions; and
    4. Antichrist, who was the great juggler and necromancer of the shades.
    Did someone teach the Antichrist to do coin tricks too? 😉

  6. I get the feeling I’m really going to enjoy your blog.

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