Canonical Princes

The following is a list of all the Demon Princes which are officially part of the In Nomine Canon.

Demon Princes: Canonical Ψ Non-Canonical Ψ Homebrew Ψ Deadly Sins


Impudite, 2nd Prince of Secrets
Formerly: Mercurian Servitor of Lithroy who fell in the Middle Ages
Game Master’s Pack | Superiors 4 p5 | Court | Duchies


Impudite Prince of Lust
Formerly: Mercurian Archangel of Love
In Nomine p158 | Superiors 2 p5 | Court | Duchies


Djinn Prince of the Game
Formerly: Cherub Servitor of Dominic under Metatron
In Nomine p 160 | Revelations III p18 | Superiors: Asmodeus | Court | Duchies


Balseraph Prince of the War
Formerly: Seraph Archangel of Valor. Also one-time “god” of Caanan.
In Nomine p162 | Revelations V p23 | Court | Duchies


Djinn, 1st Prince of Corruption [deceased]
Formerly: Unknown, preumsably a Cherub of some sort
Liber Neglecta | Remnant Court


Djinn Princess of Nightmares
Formerly: Cherub Archangel of Fear
In Nomine p164 | Revelations II p28 | Court | Duchies


Calabite Prince of Fire
Formerly: Minor Ofanite Servitor of Fire. One of the first Demon Princes named.
In Nomine p166 | Revelations II p39 | Court | Duchies


Habbalite, Current Prince of Drugs
Formerly: Habbalite Duke of Gluttony
There have been several previous Demons of Drugs. Most were killed by Meserach before they could reach Princedom.
Revelations I p26 | Superiors 4 p25 | Court


Calabite Prince of Harcore
Formerly: Calabite Baron of Fire
As near as I can tell, Furfur has always been something of a joke among the developers. If you want to make him a more practical Prince, I would suggest merging him with Dark Khalid.
Revelations I p125 | Liber Neglecta | Court | Duchies


1st Prince of Secrets [missing, presumed deceased]
Formerly: Unknown, presumably an angel of some sort
Because of the name, most non-canon origin stories indicate that he was the child of Beleth and either David or the Etherial Geb.
Game Master’s Pack | See Alaemon for Remnant Court

Sigil of Genubath - Aramaic TextGenubath

Demon Prince of Rapine (1st Theft) [missing, presumed deceased: defeated by Valefor]
Formerly: the is no canon information on Genubath’s former identity
I have styled Genubath as the fallen Angel of Requisition
Liber Neglecta | See Valefor for Remnant Court


Calabite Prince of Gluttony
Formerly: Gremlin of Sloth (created after the Fall)
Haagenti is not the first Demon to hold the word of Gluttony, but he is the first to become a Superior.
In Nomine p168 | Superiors 2 p36 | Court | Duchies


Impudite Prince of Dark Humor
Formerly: Mercurian Angel of Laughter
By canon, Kobal was never an Archangel. In spite of his “low” standing, he was one of the angels most frequently taken into God’s council. It has never been specified which Archangel he served.
In Nomine p170 | Revelations V p33 | Superiors 2 p66 | Court

Vector art for Sigil provided by Vecteezy


“Balseraph” Prince of Dark Fate
Formerly: The Canon story of Kronos is revealed in his Revelations III write up
In Nomine p172 | Revelations III p36 | Court | Duchies


Shedite, 2nd Prince of Destruction [deceased: killed by Raphael]
Formerly: Shedite Servitor of Saminga
Liber Neglecta | Remnant Court


Human Princess of Freedom
Formerly: 1st Bride of Adam
In Nomine p149 | Revelations IV p17 | Superiors: Lilith | Court | Doges

Sigil of Magog - PhoenicianMagog

Shedite Prince of Cruelty
Formerly: Kyriotate Angel of Fortitude, Servitor of Stone
Magog Fell well after most of the other angels in hell. By canon he and his servitors were only on earth for one day. While I’m fine with the Prince himself being captured, I tend to assume that a small number of his servitors remained free (and hunted).
Revelations V p57 | Court | Duchies

Sigil of Makatiel - Custom DesignMakatiel

Renegade Prince of Disease [deceased: killed by Dominic & Asmodeus in concert]
Formerly: ???
Canon does not indicate what Makatiel was before the fall. I have opted for a Servitor of Jordi in my version. Since Makatiel’s passing, the Word of Disease has been assigned to a Servitor of Saminga.
Liber Neglecta | Remnant Court


Shedite Prince of Factions
Formerly: Kyriotate Archangel of Fractures. Before that, Servitor of Stone.
In Nomine p174 | Revelarions V p43 | Court | Duchies

Sigil of Mammon - Aramaic + Alchemical Gold & SilverMammon

Balseraph Prince of Greed
Formerly: Seraph Servitor of Eli then Balseraph Dealer of Asmodeus
In canon, Mammon is a rather minor prince.  I tend to make him one of the most prominent.
Revelations III p45 | Superiors 4 p47 | Liber Neglecta | Court


Princess of Oblivion [deceased, eaten by Haagenti]
Formerly: Angel of Memory, Servitor of Raphael
Remnant Court

Sigil of Nysrog - Provenance UnknownMeserach

Prince of Sloth [deceased, eaten by Haagenti]
Formerly: Powerful Servitor of Janus
I typically give Meserach one of two back-stories, neither entirely canon. 1) He is a fallen Djinn of Wind who used his attunement to get out of work. 2) He was not a Servitor of Janus at all, but the Archangel of the Sabbath.
Liber Neglecta | Remnant Court

Sigil of Nibhaz - Provenance UnknownNybbas

Impudite Prince of the Media
Formerly: Impudite Servitor of Technology
It is assumed, but not confirmed that he was created after the Fall
In Nomine p176 | Superiors 2 p94 | Court


Shedite Prince of Death
Formerly: Lesser Shedite Servitor of…. Before that, he was an equally insignificant angel.
Since no one really remembers who Saminga served, Mariel is probably a safe bet.
In Nomine p178 | Revelations I p19 | Court


Calabite Prince of Theft
Formerly: Calabite Servitor of Demogorgon (claimed)
In Nomine p180 | Superiors 4 p70 | Court


Habbalite Prince of Technology
Formerly: Habbalite Servitor of Fate
Unlike Fleurity and Haagenti, Vapula did not begin as a demonling
In Nomine p182 | Superiors 4 p101 | Court | Upgrades


Habbalite Prince of the Seas [deceased: killed by Oannes]
Formerly: Elohite Angel of Sailors, Servitor of Oannes.
In canon, Vephar Fell during the Rebellion. Since there was not much sailing at the time of the Rebellion, that does not make sense to me.  I have him fall at the time of The Flood.
Remnant Court

Non-Prince Superiors (Canon)

There is only one confirmed non-prince superior in canon, though it is hinted that there might be others. I have applied the label of Archduke or President to such individuals. By canon they have no special name.


Calabite Archduke of Destruction [deceased: killed by Belial]
Liber Neglecta