Alaemon, 2nd Prince of Secrets

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“The world is a labyrinth, layer upon layer
of hidden things. Secrecy is power.”

Official Writeups
Game Master’s Pack Ψ Superiors IV p5

Die_Gartenlaube_(1887)_b_705_2Unofficial Writeups

Servitor of Lithroy – fell in the Middle Ages

Likely Inspiration

paimonI have yet to find a direct analog to Alaemon. My suspicion is that the superior was inspired by Paimon, who in the Ars Goetia is noted for being a demon over secrets and fiercely loyal to Lucifer.

amonHe could also be inspired by Amon, who knows the past and future and has a sigil that is resembles an old lock.

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Sample PC: “The Grim” Malcolm

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