Andrealphus, Prince of Lust

andreImpudite Ψ Active Ψ Canon
“The world is lusting,
writhing with desire.”

Official Writeups
In Nomine p158 Ψ Superiors II p5

Sigil of Andrealphus - GoetiaUnofficial Writeups

Archangel of Love – Rebelled with Lucifer

“Andre” by Trows

Likely Inspiration

Andrealphus appears as the 54th demon in Johann Weyer’s tome on demonology Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and is described as a great Marquis with the appearance of a Peacock who raises great noises and teaches cunning in astronomy, and when in human form also teaches geometry in a perfect manner. He is also described as ruling over thirty legions and as having the ability to turn any man into a bird.

Andrealphus also appears as the 65th demon in the Goetia where he is described with similar traits, but also including the ability to make men subtle in all things pertaining to Mensuration, among other things.

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Sample PC: Esther, Calabite Agent of the PFD (nsfw)


Liber Castelorum describes this island as being off the coast of Haiti. I could not find a good match, but Jeffery Epstein’s island seemed close enough.

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