Furfur, Prince of Hardcore

Ψ Active Ψ Canon
“The world is
hardcore, man.”

Official Writeups
Revelations I p125

Sigil of Furfur - GoetiaUnofficial Writeups

Baron under Belial

“Furfur” by Haley Kasof


Furfur’s Calabite discord is Truthfulness

Likely Inspiration

Furfur (other spelling: Furtur) is a powerful Great Earl of Hell, being the ruler of twenty-nine legions of demons. He is a liar unless compelled to enter a magic triangle where he gives true answers to every question, speaking with a rough voice. Furfur causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things.

Author’s Snark

As near as I can tell, Furfur has always been something of a joke among the developers. If you want to make him a more practical Prince, I would suggest merging him with Dark Khalid.

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