Haagenti, Prince of Gluttony

hagsCalabite Ψ Active Ψ Canon
“The world is starving,
it must be fed.”

Official Writeups
In Nomine p168 Ψ Superiors II p36

Sigil of Haagenti - GoetiaUnofficial Writeups

Post-Fall Familiar

“Hags” by Trows


Haagenti’s Calabite discord is Gluttony

Likely Inspiration

Haagenti is a Great President of Hell, ruling thirty-three legions of demons. He makes men wise by instructing them in every subject, transmutes all metals into gold, and changes wine into water and water into wine.

Haagenti is depicted as a big bull with the wings of a griffin, changing into a man under request of the conjurer.

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