Makatiel, Demon Prince of Disease

UnavailableHabbalite Ψ Deceased Ψ Canon
“The world is a disease,
I am the cure.”

Official Writeups
Liber Castelorum p125 (fragment)

Sigil of Makatiel - Custom DesignUnofficial Writeups
Liber Neglecta | Morrigan | Omegonthesane

Fell with Lucifer

Likely Inspiration

Makatiel is one of seven angels of punishment along with Hutriel, Lahatiel, KushielPuriel (also written Pusiel), Rogziel and Shoftiel.

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Makatiel, Demon Prince of Disease - “The world is a disease, I am the cure.” Note: I will be drawing heavily from an older writeup of …

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