Meserach, Demon Prince of Sloth

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“The world is too
much effort.”

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Misroch: In A.E. Waite’s version of the Grand Grimoire, Misroch is identified as the Grand Steward of the Royal Household of Hell. – The Dictionary of Demons

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Sulles, Habbalite Demon of Hot Baths - Sulles has no surviving allies in Hell, and has been hiding on Earth for centuries. Their physical body, like their …

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Dukes of Hell: Naming Lusties - Adaptability is the name of the game for a Duke of Lust. Not only do they need/want to drop everything …

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Dark Creation: Ailey, Ely, and Eligh - When it comes to Falling Archangels, Eli is the low hanging fruit. Half of heaven already thinks he’s on the …

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Meserach Update - There’s been a small update to the Meserach writeup.
Meet Neglegence - Several months ago I added Benign Neglect to this blog to provide something of a commentary track. I have not …

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Dark Virtues of Sin - In 2013 I postulated that the Malakim of the In Nomine universe could join the armies of hell. They would not fall, the choir is still resistant to that particular fate. However, should a Malakite decide that heaven is the true evil, they would have no choice but to abandon it. The only real challenge would be finding a new Superior willing to craft a heart so that they could still act on earth.

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Titivillus, Demon of Typos - Balseraph of Technology (for now) Titivillus was forged by Meserach, the Demon Prince of Sloth. He began as a simple …

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Meserach, Demon Prince of Sloth - Although Meserach was never granted a word by heaven, he was one of Janus’s most powerful negotiators. Outside of the …

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