Vephar, Demon Prince of the Sea

UnavailableHabbalite Ψ Deceased Ψ Canon
“The sea is a world of its own,
why limit the worlds you walk?”

Official Writeups

Sigil of Vepar - GoetiaUnofficial Writeups
Liber Neglecta

Fell with Lucifer, opposite Oannes

Likely Inspiration

In demonologyVepar is a strong Great Duke of Hell, and rules twenty-nine legions of demons. He governs the waters and guides armoured ships laden with ammunition and weapons; He can also make, if requested, the sea rough and stormy, and to appear full of ships. Vepar can make men die in three days by putrefying sores and wounds, causing worms to breed in them, but if requested by the conjurer he can heal them immediately.

Vepar is depicted as a merman.

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