Court of Asmodeus


Please take a moment to read my thoughts on Hell’s Distinctions.

Inner Circle

  • Mastema, Balseraph Chief Prosecutor of Hell
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p23, Liber Neglecta]
  • Nergal, Djinn Chief Renegade Hunter
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p31]
  • Staciel, Lilim Demon of Intrigue, Countess of Infernal Police, Senior Spymistress
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p49, Superiors: Asmodeus p36]

Department Heads

  • The Tarot (see counts)
  • The Draw (see counts)
  • HIA (see counts)
  • InfFiles (see counts: Demon of Filing)
  • InfPol (Staciel, Demon of Intrigue, see above)
  • InfSec (see counts)
  • P&P (see counts: Demon of Passports)
  • SYB (Triel, see Baron Bishops)
  • S-W (see counts: Demon of Neurolinguistic Programming)
  • The Windows (see marquis)
  • The Yard (Murmur, see Dukes)


  • Murmur, Calabite Duke of the Soul Yards and Hadean Ghettos.
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p37, Superiors: Asmodeus p17]
  • The Duchies of Asmodeus (a non-canon list)
    [Liber Neglecta]

Asmodeus has two types of counties: those tied to bureaus and those tied to infernal geography. Most of the the bureaus have been listed here.


  • Staciel, See Inner Circle
  • Unknown, Balseraph Demon of Neurolinguistic Programming, Count Sapir-Whorf (previously Count of Information & Propaganda)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p36]
  • Unknown, Castellan of Asmodeus’ Palace
    [Implicit from Superiors: Asmodeus p17]
  • Unknown, Count of The Arena
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p7]
  • Unknown, Count of the CIWC (aka Count of the Tarot)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p36]
  • Unknown, Count of The Draw (Quartermasters)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p36]
  • Unknown, Count of the HIA
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p36]
  • Unknown, Count of the Hall of Loyalty
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p7]
  • Unknown, Count and Demon of Filing, (InfFiles Head)
    Division of Infernal Filing
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18, p36]
  • Unknown, Count of Infernal Security (InfSec)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p36]
  • Unknown, Count and Demon of Passports, (P&P Head)
    Division of Passports & Permits
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18, p36]


  • Jahathanna, Habbalite Demon of Mao, one of Asmodeus’ three senior trainers.
    Division of Windows (Personnel)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p19, 21]
  • Unknown, Djinn Demon of Chess, one of Asmodeus’ three senior trainers.
    Division of Windows (Personnel)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p19, 21]
  • Unknown, Impudite Demon of Go, one of Asmodeus’ three senior trainers.
    Division of Windows (Personnel)
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p19, 21]
  • Unknown, Demon of Political Lobbies, candidate for the Word of Corruption.
    [Liber Neglecta]

Baron Dealers of Justice

  • Sharezer, Impudite. One of the first Angels of Trade to fall.
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p6]

Baron Bishops of Justice

  • Triel, Djinn Overseer of the Soul Yards of Hades
    [Liber Canticorum p25, Revelations III p96, Superiors: Asmodeus p17]

Barons of Justice

  • Caveatal “Lewis Lawson,” Impudite Demon of Loopholes
    [Revelations III p26]

Captain Dealers of Integrity

  • Unknown, Captain Dealers of Yard Soul Distribution
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p6]

Captain Bishops of Integrity

  • Unknown, Captain Bishop of Honshu
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p6]

Captains of Integrity

  • Anani, Shedite. Candidate for the Word of Strategy.
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p40]

Knight Dealer of Judgement

None Identified

Knight Bishop of Judgement

  • Warrane “Warren Ramirez,” Calabite Knight Bishop of the Northern Soul Yards
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p31]

Knights of Judgement

  • Focalor, Balseraph
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Haruphite, Djinn
    [Liber Servitorum p45]

Seneschals [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Cadfael, Balseraph Seneschal of St. Sebastian’s School for Boys
    [Revelations III p24]
  • Francis Pequod
    [Liber Castellorum p39]
  • Keiiah, Habbalite Seneschal of Riddle Valley
    [Liber Castellorum p39]
  • Rezon, Shedite
    [Liber Castellorum p39]
  • Tephra, Habbalite Seneschal of the Council of Trent
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p19]
  • Theodorus, Balseraph Seneschal of the Agora
    [Liber Castellorum p91]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Borgia Courts, Italy
    [Liber Castellorum p92]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Building where the “Twinkie Defense” was formulated, San Francisco
    [Liber Neglecta]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of CIA Headquarters, Virginia
    [Liber Castellorum p92]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Danvers, Massachusetts (site of the Salem Witch Trials)
    [Liber Castellorum p92]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the KGB Building, Moskow
    [Liber Castellorum p92]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Traitors Gate, London
    [Liber Castellorum p92]

Ψ Service to Asmodeus non-canonical

Other Wordbound [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Ben-Japheth, Habbalite Demon of Student Discipline
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p43]
  • Unknown, Shedite Demon of Adulteration, 2nd Wave
    Deceased, Renegade, Executed
    [Liber Neglecta: Adulteration]
  • Unknown, Demon of Board Room Meetings
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18]
  • UnknownΨ, Balseraph Demon of Child Abuse Charges
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p29]
  • Unknown, Demon of the Full Court Press
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18]
  • Unknown, Demon of Hexagonal Grid Maps
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18]
  • UnknownΨ, Balseraph Demon of Lawyers
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p29]
  • Unknown, Demon of Low Odds, Founder of the Aces & Eights Faction
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p35]
  • Unknown, Demon of Lying in Wait
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18]
  • UnknownΨ, Balseraph Demon of Jenga
    [Implicit from Superiors: Asmodeus p22]
  • UnknownΨ, Balseraph Demon of Perjury
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p29]
  • UnknownΨ, Balseraph Demon of Renga
    [Implicit from Superiors: Asmodeus p21]
  • UnknownΨ, Balseraph Demon of Statistics
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p27]
  • Unknown, Demon of Exceptionally Good Poker Hands
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18]


None Identified


None Identified


  • Aclahaye, Habbalite
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p10]
  • Aisha “Dr. Alison Moss,” Habbalite
    [You Are Here p31]
  • Alistor, Impudite first lawyer
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p60]
  • Allete, Djinn
    [Superiors I p142]
  • Ambsace, Impudite
    [You Are Here p99]
  • Ashralaam, Djinn
    [Superiors I p133]
  • Billy Bob “Tripple-B” Buford, Djinn
    [Revelations I p107]
  • Braz, Shedite
    [You Are Here p45]
  • Elealeh “Rev. Rayne,” Habbalite
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p33]
  • Evere, Djinn
    [Superiors I p142]
  • Gleewen, Lilim would be superhero
    [Liber Neglecta]
  • Ish-Mathoth, Calabite
    [Superiors I p142]
  • Johnathan “John Chan,” Balseraph
    [You Are Here p44]
  • Kushiel, Calabite
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Molimen, Habbalite
    [You Are Here p107]
  • Namaah, Lilim
    [Pyramid Magazine]
  • Nara Tokin, Lilim “in service” to Baal
    Playable Character
    [Liber Neglecta]
  • Ojoro, Shedite
    [Revelations III p27]
  • Saheen, Impudite. Recently defected from InfPol to The Windows.
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p40]
  • Temeraziel, Balseraph
    [Superiors I p141]
  • Ubbenil “Angela Serano,” Balseraph
    [Revelations I p43]
  • Vered “Charles Montague,” Impudite
    [Liber Servitorum p44]
  • Vingarath, Balseraph
    [Superiors I p142]
  • Vivane, Djinn
    [Superiors I p141]
  • Unknown, Demon who developed and codified Helltongue
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p20]

Lesser Demons

  • Nikodaemus, Familiar Imp
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p97]

Undead Soldiers

  • Dwight “Demon Hunter™” Mulgrew, Vampire
    [Revelations I p63]

Damned Souls

  • Cardinal Richelieu
    [Superiors: Asmodeus p18]

Mortal Soldiers

None Identified


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