Court of Vapula


Please take a moment to read my thoughts on Hell’s Distinctions.

Inner Circle

Vapula’s Inner Circle includes his department heads and his personal office staff (which is mostly comprised of surprisingly unambitious and emotionless Habbalah).

Department Heads [Duke Equivalent]


Each lab is color coded, and it is considered proper to refer to a Director by their lab’s function, color, or number.

Laboratory Directors [Count Equivalent]

  • Unknown, Director of Lab One, location of Vapula’s personal offices
    [Superiors IV p120]
  • Unknown, Director of Lab Eleven, penal colony, storage depot for ‘destructive testing’ subjects, mandatory posting for all wishing to join Vapula’s office staff.
    [Superiors IV p119]
  • Mahuya, Balseraph Director of Lab Twenty-Six, a captured Ethereal Domain originally belonging to the Ice Queen.
    [Superiors IV p128]

Project Managers [Marquis Equivalent]

  • Naberius, Balseraph Demon of Artificial Life
    [Liber Neglecta – inspired by the character from I, Frankenstein]

Barons of Gremlins

  • Foras, Impudite Demon of Mad Science
    [Liber Reliquarum p122]
  • Tishbite, Balseraph
    [Liber Reliquarum p112]

Inspectors [Captain Equivalents]

  • Beartador, Balseraph Demon of Steam
    [Revelations III p110]
  • Vilson, Djinn
    [Revelations I p112]

Knights of Combustion

None Identified

Seneschals [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Treyf, Seneschal of Oil Slicks
    [Liber Castellorum p109]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Battlefield at Ypres, Belgium
    [Superiors IV p120]
  • Unknown, Balseraph Seneschal of the Chop Shop
    [Liber Castellorum p110]
  • Unknown, Balseraph Seneschal of Merit Systems, Inc
    [Superiors IV p120]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland
    [Superiors IV p120]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the Orbital Debris Field
    [Liber Neglecta: Tethers in Spaaace!]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of the South San Jose Superfund Site
    [Liber Neglecta: SF Bay Area Tetehrs]
  • Unknown, Seneschal of Three Gorges Dam, China
    [Liber Castellorum p110]

Ψ Service to Vapula non-canonical

Other Wordbound [Distinctions Unknown]

  • Cilicia, Balseraph Demon of Wagons
    [Liber Castellorum p125]
  • Titivillus, Balseraph Demon of Typos
    (consulting on “auto-correct”)
    [Liber Neglecta]
  • Unknown, Lilim Demon of Adulteration, 3rd Wave, Abomination
    Word Force synthesized from “Word Deaf” forces
    [Liber Neglecta: Adulteration]
  • Unknown, Demon of Buggy Whips
    [Infernal Player’s Guide p91]
  • Unknown, Demon of Chemical Weaponry
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • UnknownΨ, Demon of Cities (probably started as a Servitor of Factions)
    [In Nomine p28]
  • Unknown, Demon of Genetic Engineering
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • Unknown, Demon of Genetically Modified Foods
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • Unknown, Demon of Perpetual Motion
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • Unknown, Demon of Polution
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • Unknown, Demon of Rocket Science
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • Unknown, Demon of Screensavers
    [Superiors IV p126]
  • UnknownΨ, Demon of Toxic Waste
    [Corporeal Player’s Guide p96]


  • 01111010, The Lending Tablet, Shedite
    [Liber Neglecta]
  • Bochim “Mark Bethels,” Habbalite
    [You Are Here p37]
  • Careah “Dr. Kate Breconsfield,” Lilim
    [You Are Here p24]
  • Hermon, Shedite
    [Liber Servitorum p71]
  • Hopscotch, Habbalite
    [Revelations IV p48]
  • Marion “Marion Yung,” Lilim
    [Liber Servitorum p72]
  • Matthias “Matt Sorel,” Balseraph
    [You Are Here p40]
  • Memmutar, Balseraph
    [Superiors IV p133]
  • Nigel, Impudite
    [Superiors IV p141]
  • Peritus, Balseraph
    [You Are Here p95]
  • ReZ, the Beginner’s Manual (Vol. III) & Djinn
    [Liber Neglecta: ReZ]
  • Taran “Dr. Timothy Curran,” Impudite
    [Liber Servitorum p70]
  • Tzammash, Djinn Controller of Shal-Mari Metro
    [You Are Here p110]

Lesser Demons

  • Pyxwell, Imp [Infernal Player’s Guide p97]

Mr. Squeak begins as an independent agent.

Mortal Soldiers

  • Daniel Weissman [Liber Servitorum p106]
  • Felice Noblet [Superiors IV p117]
  • Mr. Squeak, Hampster [Superiors IV p141]


  • Miranda, Artificial Intelligence Prototype [Superiors IV p110]

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