Non-Canonical Princes

In addition to the official Demon Princes, Steve Jackson Games offers up a handful of other angels and demons that could be or become Demon Princes. Dark Khalid is the only “official” non-canon superior (he has a write up in the Revelations campaign cycle). The others simply have descriptions that would be consistent with being a Demon Prince, but they have never been acknowledged as such in the official materials.

Demon Princes: Canonical Ψ Non-Canonical Ψ Homebrew Ψ Deadly Sins


Shedite Prince of Folly [compromised]
Abalom mistakenly incarnated *into* six mortals, killing them instantly and fracturing his Word. Now a fragment of Folly animates each of the six bodies and only a fragment has stayed with the Prince. (Appears to have been rolled into Kobal for In Nomine)
In Nomine Satanis p26

Sigil of Abbadon - DukantéAbaddon

First Calabite Prince of Destruction [deceased: killed by Lucifer]
First Calabite, and Lucifer’s rival for the throne of hell.
Liber Neglecta


Unknown Prince of Judgement
One of the original Fallen, founder of dis, and keeper of order within the infernal kingdoms. Most fun as a Balseraph, as it opens up the possibility that Dominic is playing both sides. (Appears to have been rolled into Asmodeus for In Nomine)
In Nomine Satanis p27


Unknown Prince of Messengers
Attained their Principality upon the sack of Babylon and personally scattered the books.
In Nomine Satanis p29


Unknown Prince of Death
In Nomine Satanis names Bifrons the Prince of Death and Saminga the Prince of Vampires. It could be interesting to come up with an explanation for why Saminga now appears to hold both roles.
In Nomine Satanis p31


Habbalite Prince of Punishment
Camael was at one point the most senior of all Elohim. He was also the first of that Choir to fall. Assuming he survived the civil wars, he would almost certainly have ended up a prince. That said, there is so much punishment do administer in Hell, he and his servitors may not have time for Earth.
Liber Neglecta: First of the Habbalah | Liber Neglecta: Camael


Unknown Prince of Animals
The word seems ill suited for Caym’s behaviors, which seem to be the destruction and slaughter of animals. Perhaps Hunting would be a better Word. Regardless, it’s hard to see how Caym is not a Servitor of Death.
In Nomine Satanis p33


Djinn Prince of Cold
Once brother to Belial, the two have despised each other since the Fall. Crocell plays nice with mortals if only to spite his brother, though he still has a hard time keeping himself from destroying what he “loves.”
In Nomine Satanis p33

Dark Khalid

Habbalite Prince of Fanaticism
Formerly: This is the Fallen version of Khalid, Archangel of Faith
Revelations V p101


Unknown Prince of Earth
Originally one of Baal’s logistics managers – Gaziel came to prominence with the eruptions of Vesuvius & Krakatoa. They are one of the few demons who has figured out how to get the calcified angels of stone to rebel against David.
In Nomine Satanis p35


Unknown 2nd Prince of Disease
Makatiel was eliminated shortly after the Black Death, which is also around when Malthus was promoted. It is curious that one demon should be put down by Judgement and The Game for the exact same crime that saw another elevated to Prince… there may be more to the story.
In Nomine Satanis p39


Unknown Prince of The Arts
Morax served for a time in the Court of Lust where he became an intimate of Prince Lucifer and convinced the dark lord that artistic ventures could just as easily part mankind from their faith as marry them together. During the Rennesance Morax proved their thesis and was elevated to prince. It is unclear what their role has been since the rise of Nybbas.
In Nomine Satanis p41


Impudite, False Prince of Drugs
Nisroc rose to prominence within hell at about the same time as Fleurity, and for the same reason. Both were pushers of opium and cocaine, both fight for the prolongment of the War on Drugs – but of the two, only one is actually the Angel of Spies. The core setting says it is Nisroc, but perhaps in your game it is the other way around.
In Nomine Satanis p42


Unknown Prince of Laziness (2nd Sloth)
Nog and his servitors are exceptionally slow moving – posessing progegies and technocrats at the height of their prowess and slowly leading them through callousness and to ruin over the course of years if not decades.
In Nomine Satanis p43


Calabite, Current Prince of Wrath (alt. Prince of Fanaticism)
Orifiel was Uriel’s senior Ofanite, and he fell when his Archangel was recalled. This much is canon. However, every other “most senior” angel who fell seems to not only have been offered a word, but a Princedom.
Liber Neglecta


Unknown Prince of Tunes
In Nomine Satanis p45


Unknown Prince of Souls
In Nomine Satanis p47


Unknown Prince of Ugliness
In Nomine Satanis p47


Unknown Prince of Pollution
In Nomine Satanis p48