Seven Deadly Sins

In October 2015 I explored how the Seven Deadly Sins could be given greater prominence within the In Nomine setting. Those investigations led me to create a Superior list that was a mix of canonical and non canonical characters.

Since I know that some of you readers have chosen to make this a part of your standard setting, I am consolidating the list of relevant superiors all in one place

Demon Princes: Canonical Ψ Non-Canonical Ψ Homebrew Ψ Deadly Sins



Impudite Prince of Lust
Formerly: Mercurian Archangel of Love
In Nomine p158 | Superiors 2 p5 | Court


Calabite Prince of Gluttony
Formerly: Gremlin of Sloth (created after the Fall)
Haagenti is not the first Demon to hold the word of Gluttony, but he is the first to become a Superior.
In Nomine p168 | Superiors 2 p36 | Court

Sigil of Mammon - Aramaic + Alchemical Gold & SilverMammon

Balseraph Prince of Greed
Formerly: Seraph Servitor of Eli then Balseraph Dealer of Asmodeus
In canon, Mammon is a rather minor prince.  I tend to make him one of the most prominent.
Revelations III p45 | Superiors 4 p47 | Liber Neglecta | Court

Sigil of Nysrog - Provenance UnknownMeserach

Prince of Sloth [deceased, eaten by Haagenti]
Formerly: Powerful Servitor of Janus
I typically give Meserach one of two back-stories, neither entirely canon. 1) He is a fallen Djinn of Wind who used his attunement to get out of work. 2) He was not a Servitor of Janus at all, but the Archangel of the Sabbath.
Liber Neglecta | Remnant Court



Habbalite, 1st Prince of Wrath
Formerly: Servitor of Fire collaborating with Dominic and Asmodeus on developing the concept of Justice.
Liber Neglecta

Sigil of Leviathan - DukantéLeviathan

Renegade Nephilhite Princess of Envy
I originally wanted to build as Leviathan the Princess of the Deep. However, Beleth’s Djinn Tariel already holds “The Deep,” according to In Nomine canon. Since Leviathan is also associated with envy, I ended up building her that way instead.
Liber Neglecta

Lucifuge RofocaleRofocale

Prince of Pride (Band Unknown)
Formerly: A Redeemer
Liber Neglecta


Calabite, Current Prince of Wrath (alt. Prince of Fanaticism)
Orifiel was Uriel’s senior Ofanite, and he fell when his Archangel was recalled. This much is canon. However, every other “most senior” angel who fell seems to not only have been offered a word, but a Princedom.
Liber Neglecta

33 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. So i’m looking general tether recommendations in new england that are based on temporary structures rather than permanent landmarks. I’d prefer locations for the canonical sins that aren’t the obvious fast-food chains or vice shops.

    • Well the first one that comes to mind is The Big E. Since it is a “state fair” for all of the states in New England, it would be a good choice for Gluttony or Pride (and also for Dreams).

      I’ll give the others some thought, but the temporary might make it a bit tough. I’m not in New England any more.

    • For Sloth, perhaps the Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad that went 50 years without any maintenance.

      • So i’ve decided to use the Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad tracks in place of the train. i did some research and the tracks seem much more neglected than the locomotive, but the sources seem to be all over the map (no pun intended), so i could use some kind of resource on the laying of the tracks. do you have any recommendations?

      • I just know that it was at one time considered the worst maintained rail line in the world. I don’t have any specific sources on the line’s origins or who was irresponsible enough to let it deteriorate to its current state.

  2. So could you give me your views on this tether list? I just what to know which tether placements seem pop-culture driven to you.

    • I suspect that Saminga would have an unhealthy interest in the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at BU.

      Aside from that, Eric Burns’ list looks solid to me. I’d probably give Nybbas Fenway Park and Lawrence the Benjamin Woodbidge Marker on Boston Commons, but that’s just a matter of taste.

      • i was considering pitching brewer fountain as the bridge alternative but i didn’t think it would stick. our visits to brewer are described many ways but disciplined isn’t one that easily comes to mind.

  3. my dark game is an invasion storyline i pitched to my brother. i promised him we would start close to where we live and move outward and i don’t want to make any missteps because we visit boston alot.

    • Last time I was in Boston was 2002 and I spent most of my time in Roxbury Crossing – so you’ve probably got a better idea of how to craft the city for In Nomine than I do.

      • I faced the problem of fan tether locations presenting issues due to actual events. the problem with boston is the gradual decline doesn’t always present itself in known locations. my favorite market stall in faneuil hall is a good example because i can never quite memorize the route it moved down from sidewalk to sidewalk. it’s a food truck btw.

      • basically it could’nt keep up in the market stall and had to move it all into the truck and go somewhere else in boston where the food would sell better.

      • the issue is that we are not boston travelers. we have friends there and we explore with them. homeless outreach was original going to have placements on the tether map but i can’t keep track of the current one since boston has multiple shelters and brewer is the only hub. i think it would be disingenuous to place a heavenly tether at the site of the shelter church when some churches that claim to support them are just saying that for tax-exempt status rather then actually helping, and don’t want to apply benevolent motives to the actions of a ministry that actually excluded one of my friends for having a place to sleep simply because he was receiving veteran benefits.

      • It’s not as faith driven, but there’s always 600 Washington Street.

      • i saw people about 2 years ago use the staircase and a sleeping bag, which seems to (to me at least) that they still don’t plan on change the stance on veterans and that people (likly literally) moved on because the church underwent a period of expansion. however the leadership seems to be changing gradually and i’m hoping for better news when we go to the smaller but more welcoming church my friends shelters in.

      • just figured out a way to dodge the bullet. the shelter we went to has a p.o. box number instead of an adress, but the history page lists an adress in concord where they used to have an office. i’ll just use artistic lincense and place the tether their, Eureka!

  4. another question about the sins. where would you place P.O.W.’s on the demon word spectrum? would they go under wrath’s word or would they more part of a variation on the word of cruelty?

    • Normally I’d say Ba’al – but if I remember correctly, you’re playing with a Heavenly Ba’al. So it would probably be Cruelty, Envy, or Sloth. Wrath wouldn’t keep them around.

      • ba’al is on heaven’s side because hell is literally bursting at the seems with invading demons and he’s trying to lead the soldiers forced into fighting for heaven. the central concept is that ba’al’s fall is possible and that is what the PC’s have to prevent. Envy seems the mostly logical choice for a barely contained improsioned army in my opinion. i’m just getting really annoyed that the consent updates on storium aren’t the expansions to actually run this game.

  5. so i never asked about where tethers to leviathan might be other then in the hellmouth because leviathan is a relevantly new escapee in my summer but i could really use some sample tethers since leviathan has a major role in the events of my dark fantasy.

    • Beauty pageants, high schools, and board rooms all seem like good generic options.

      More specific locations probably include: the farm of Patrick Devine of County Londonderry, Yankee Stadium, The Menelaion in Greece.

      • Oh, I forgot, Leviathan also probably has a number of nautical tethers. At least five come to mind right away:

        * The Mariana Trench
        * The Strait of Messina
        * The Wreckage of the Lusitania
        * Off the coast of Teriberka, Russia
        * Somewhere between Syria and Cyprus

  6. So this is part of my invasion setting, in which the premise is that earth is basically the same planet in all 3 planes and that each superior has a city they permanently control and tethers represent new locations that the superior can rule over. Do you see problems with using this list for a globe-trotting game?

    • Funny you should mention that, I’ve been considering suggesting something similar; the 1st Heaven & Hell would be near exact duplicates of earth and the Celestial Planes described in the books would actually be the 2nd Heaven & 2nd Hell.

      As for the specific list – I’d probably work on removing the duplicates. Consider moving Lithroy to the Aisle of Patmos, Yves to Admont Abbey, and most of the Infernal hierarchy out of LA (it’s a good spot for Nybbas, but the rest can easily find homes elsewhere).

      • So what do you think of angels and demon sharing territory in the same geographic region? (i.e. Raphael holding out in the old town alexandria while Kronos holds the lighthouse and seaport, or Beelzebub holding the city of rome while lawerence patrols vatican city.)

      • I have no problem with that. Heaven and Hell are separate planes from each other so you could quite easily have a Heavenly Cathedral and an Infernal Palace corresponding to the same corporeal location.

      • so i’m planning on placing gluttony’s territory in a ren fair city that refuses to serve kosher food but king richard’s faireground (which was basically sued over this issue) in carver is too close to where i’m starting my campaign and i’m trying to find a ren fair that is facing a similar problem. Do you know where i could find a fair watchlist that points out customer complaints like this?

      • Nope. Sorry.

  7. Decided to make Haagenti’s city be Wiesbaden, Germany. It’s a city in the Rhine that was mostly known for hot springs before Carl von Linde’s refrigeration company created the first commercial refrigerators there (although they where designed to freeze beer and not normal food, since he first sold the technology to a local brewery). Since Wiesbaden is not far from the Rhine the city site gives the pc’s good reason to go to Germany and since linde started developing refrigeration in the late 1800’s it gives them a good reason to be sent into Germany before WWI or II.

  8. so i went to popham maine last week since popham is going to be a major part of my invasion storyline and i scouted a few locations for tethers in the game. i need some superior recommendations to match the locations.
    1. Fort Popham – A unfinished fort built during the civil war.
    2. Sagadahoc Bridge – Bridge between Popham and the adjacent neighborhood of Georgetown.
    3. Reid Island – State Park established after WW2 but it was a military area during the war.
    3. Popham Beach – A ~5 mile strectch of beach with a sparkling type of sand (maybe gypsum sand)
    4 & 5. Fox Island and Grey Havens Inn – Both are islands with seasonal access from popham beach.

    • I don’t know the area that well, so these are mostly shots in the dark based on what I can find through quick internet searches.

      1. Fort Popham: Either Haagenti or Mammon.
      2. Sagadahoc Bridge: Either Marc or David.
      3. Reid State Park: Jordi (or possibly Marc)
      4. Popham Beach: Blandine or Messerach.
      5. Fox Island: Janus, Jean or Vapula
      6. Grey Havens Inn: Blandine or Lucifuge Rofocale

  9. i too had problems with identifying the islands. i think the beach is large enough to fit another island so i’m going to create another fox island with fictional terrain to give the tether a location since colonial names like fox island where used to name several islands in colonial times.

    • plan would be original fox island = janus, modern island = jean, and the vapula tether will be one fictitious location that got confused with the rusticator island of north haven, also called fox island. “rusticators” are a post civil war movement that wished to observe places of natural beauty prior to the creations of the natural parks service.

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