Invasion of the Bodyspammers


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Labrys, Champion of the Labyrinthine Gate


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labrys.phpLabrys was once one of Michael’s favorite servitors. At the close of the War in Heaven, she was one of the warriors responsible for ensuring that none of the fallen could escape their new home before it could be sealed. Asmodeans in particular loathe her and her signature double-axe. Unfortunately, Labrys herself came close to falling in the late 1930’s, and has been working to rehabilitate herself since. Continue reading

Michael’s Champions


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MichaelThe Archangels of Heaven do not organize their servitors into feudal fiefdoms like their Infernal counterparts. As such, Michael doesn’t have duchies to speak of.

What he does have are Heroes and Champions.

This decorated warriors do not have additional administrative obligations like their infernal counterparts. In fact, a Champion of Michael could spend the rest of eternity in idle luxury and Angels of War would still show them the utmost respect. These Distinctions are granted for deeds done. Continue reading

The Bifrons Mirror


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“Kind people find that they are cruel, brave men discover that they are really cowards. Confronted with their true selves most men run away screaming!” The Neverending Story

bifron-lineBifrons was a Roman god of duality said to have had power over both portals and beginnings and endings. The god is most commonly depicted as having two heads facing in opposite directions.

The Bifrons Mirror appears to hold something of his magic. Continue reading

Hashmallim, The Shining Ones


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Ball_lightning2Known as the Shining Ones or The Miracles, the Hashmallim are effectively Songs given form. Most serve Israphel, but because she is a Servitor of Eli, that means that over the past few decades they have been widely disbursed among the the Archangels.

Resonance & Game Mechanics

Each Hashmal is bound to a Song which it may modify as if it were a Virtuoso. The Miracle’s resonance allows it to perform its chosen song using Perception instead of the usual Force (effectively picking out where it already exists in the current environment). Continue reading

The Seed & The Rot: An Overview



img709845_80750012b085123fFor 2018 I will be starting on a new project; a campaign arc to rival the Revelation Cycle put out by SJ Games. I have learned from experience that dominating the blog with a single type of post is not healthy for it, so you can still expect a health mix of NPCs, reflections, tethers, and general irreverence that has nothing to do with this project. However, over the course of the year I hope to produce all the elements necessary to play through the 1st act in what I hope will ultimately become a full 5 act drama. Continue reading

Who’s Number One?


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2017 was the Liber Neglecta’s 5th year online, and the second year of (mostly) continuous posting. As the year draws to a close, I thought now would be a good time to look at who has topped the chart as most popular Angel or Demon.

2017-number-one-draft-2017-10-29 Continue reading

Kamaitachi, Youkai of the Cutting Wind


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by Masasumi Ryūkansaijin

Kamaitachi are considered to be weasel youkai native to the Japanese Alps – they are known for lacerating the skin of those caught out in the cold alpine air, while minimizing the flow of blood. They are so fast as to be invisible to the naked eye, and are considered masters of both the kama (Japanese sickle) and herbalism.

Kamaitachi were occasionally described genii loci or as gods, which place them at about the level of a starting Celestial.

Assuming you can provide a suitable explanation for why one would be outside of Japan, this version of the Kamaitachi is balanced to join a Celestial campaign as a player character. Continue reading