Tethers in Spaaace!


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Fotothek_df_tg_0007129_Theosophie_^_AlchemieSome of my other tethers projects are taking longer than expected, so I figured it was time for this romp beyond the firmament.

Since most mortal forms can’t survive full vacuum (and since there are no mortals to witness them), it’s safe to assume that any Angel or Demon manifesting at an interplanetary tether will be in celestial form. Continue reading


Carpo, Hora of Autumn


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etherCarpo is a goddess of the Fall. She is nurturing and gregarious, generally warm, but has a cold streak a mile wide. While her sisters oversee the barren winter and fruitful spring, Carpo is responsible for both the withering of autumn and the plenty of the harvest. She has little sympathy for those who will not work to prepare themselves against the winter, and a sharp temper that she turns against those who try and tell her what to do.

Only the harvest goddesses of the Olympian pantheon are allowed to give her such direction, and even then she sees herself as their handmaiden, not their mindless servant. Continue reading

Gerrak, The Warrior Redeemed


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MichaelGerrak was a Balseraph who found redemption through heroism. In his final battle for the Morningstar, Gerrak laid such waste to the forces of heaven that even in a heavenly mien he draws the ire of other angels. Such antagonism suits Gerrak just fine. Not only does he deserve such animosity, but it also helps him to train and improve – he is much diminished from where he started that destined fight.

Although Gerrak’s current focus is on battle, he does hope to eventually gain some insight into what motivates other demons and maybe help a few more follow him back into the light. Continue reading

The Crossover Dilemma


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etherThe existence of Ethereals (and the “sandbox” nature of their creation rules) means that other intellectual properties can cross over into the In Nomine setting. The question one needs to answer is this: do you scale these new additions based on their power within their source literature, or do you base it on the psychic impact they’ve had on the real world. Continue reading

Elves and Alvar


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Elves are a mainstay of fantasy literature and role-playing. It is not unreasonable to expect that someone would eventually want to play one in an In Nomine game. Since elves are not a part of the real world, nor part of heaven and hell, there is only one place to look: Ethereals.

While this allows Elves to be customized to the needs and wants of the player and GM, I thought I might offer some guidance. Continue reading

The Yellow Boy, Seneschal of the Winchester Mystery House


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[CW: References to mass murders]

The Yellow Boy doesn’t make a habit of sharing “his” name. “He” is a jaundiced demon in both appearance and outlook. As a nightmare of the gun dead, The Yellow Boy was drawn to the Winchester household and particularly the dreams of one Sarah Lockwood Winchester. “His” name was drawn from the Winchester arsenal, and in the years after Mr. Winchester’s death, “he” and the widow formed an almost symbiotic relationship.

Together, they birthed a most monstrous child: the Winchester Mystery House. Sarah managed the corporeal construction, while The Yellow Boy took charge of the Ethereal. Sarah’s fear was eventually enough to cause the sprawling manor’s dreams to become a Domain in its own right; one that sprawls and twists in such impossible geometries, even H.P. Lovecraft would be envious. Continue reading

A Dozen Eldrich Songs


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necronomiconCreatures of the Cthulhu Mythos and those who serve them are well known for using Eldrich song variants. Some others may have learned them as well, but Superiors of both sides discourage their use – the melodies they introduce to the Symphony make it easier for the Outer Gods to infiltrate reality.

These songs use Celestial Forces but also have a tendency to induce madness (in the form of Dissonance and Discord). As with all songs, knowing one variation increases the CD of all other variants by 1.

Continue reading