Camille, Who Didn’t Pay… Again


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Sigil of Valefor - GoetiaCamille is the very spirit of gate-hopping (well, aside for the demon who got that Word first, the bastard). It doesn’t matter if it’s a concert, all-you-can-eat, public transit, or anything else: so long as there’s a door fee, she’ll find a way in (and out) without paying. Some call that theft of services, but to Camille it’s only thrift.

Its a distinction the Tempter really cares about. Burglary, filching, and long cons all strike her as singularly tacky. Sure, she might lift a VIP pass to hang out with a band she really enjoys, but it (or a replacement) will make its way back to the original owner before the event is over. Continue reading

Duchies of Hell: Naming the Dukes of Kronos


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Sign of SaturnWhen I first proposed aligning the Duchies of Kronos with the canonical hours, I thought it might be a bit of a challenge to fill the posts, but that everything would eventually fall into place.

Turns out it’s really hard to find demons that are associated with the canonical hours. It’s almost like there are centuries of lore built up that presuppose that demons dislike periods of intense prayer (who would have guessed). Conversely, there are lots of demons associated with the “Italian” hours. Continue reading

Michael, What is He Good For?


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MichaelBy canon, Michael was tried by Seraphim Council and found guilty. He remained an angel because of Divine Intervention, but what would have happened if G-d stayed its awesome and ineffable hand?

The War is already managed by Ba’al. Unless you want one to replace the other entirely, it’s important to think about where Michael might land after his fall. Continue reading

Demons of Straightedge and Veganism


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Sigil of Furfur - GoetiaToday’s post comes from a conversation I was having with one of my old roommates. We were discussing In Nomine and gods and heavy metal, and they were joking that heavy metal might actually be hell’s music – and that all the mythological themes that show up in it were really an attempt to strip the corresponding associations away from the Ethereals who held them previously.

So naturally, I brought up Furfur: how he’s the Prince of Hardcore; how he’s given to excess; how I imagined his court being a fusion of metal and fanaticism; how I disliked the purely Islamic overtones of fanaticism that showed up in the Dark Khalid writeup.

So my friend asks: “Is there a Demon of Straightedge and a Demon of Veganism under him?”

There wasn’t before. There is now. I hope you enjoy them. Continue reading

Columbia, Ethereal Spirit of America


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“Be Patriotic” by Paul Stahr

Although she has recently declined in popularity, Columbia once played just as large as Uncle Sam in representing the American spirit. She was political conscience, patron of culture, and champion of westward expansion (and the philosophy of Manifest Destiny).

Columbia lacks the followers to be a goddess, but she is equal to many and stronger than some.

The spirit considers herself to be a daughter of Athena, and it may even be true. The Olympian goddess has seeded her Forces in many a national spirit as a way to guard her image against the ravages of Heaven and depredation of Hell. Continue reading

Founders of the 7 Infernal Bands


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Sigil_of_Lucifer.svgAccording to Heaven, there were no demons before The Fall. If true, that means that each Band began somewhere. In some cases there is canonical guidance, in others we are left to our own devices, and in a few there are even some competing signals.

By teasing out these hints and differences, we can get an idea of what some of the earliest factions of hell might have been. Whether this is used as deep background, an alternate setting for games set near the dawn of time, or as a way to pick out new “hidden” powers seeking to emerge I leave as an exercise to the GMs in the audience. Continue reading

“The Duchess” Bonoham


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Sigil of Belial - GoetiaSome years back, an audacious sorcerer attempted to commune with Bonoham, the Duchess of Phosphor. Intrigued by someone with the power and temerity to reach out to her, she opened a hellmouth and extended a portion of her undying felfire into the mortal realms. However, his rituals and her attunement interacted in an unexpected way causing the portal to snap shut and severing a portion of her forces from her.

Rather than dissipating, the forces took on a life of their own, immolating the sorcerer on the spot and possessing what remained of his ruined flesh. When the Duchess re-established the hellmouth, her forces had already fled – no longer wishing to be reunited with their infernal whole. Continue reading