Rittmeister Generals of the Apocalypse


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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may not have shown up as part of In Nomine’s Revelations cycle, but that does not mean that they need to be absent from the setting. After all, In Nomine is the sort of the game that encourages an Apocalypse of the Week.

There are a few different ways of handling the Horsemen.

One is that the Horsemen are Demon Princes:

While this is a fairly simple and easy to implement approach, it adds nothing to the setting. Another possibility is that the Horsemen are all Wordbound Servitors of particular note – but this is also somewhat limiting, as it locks a specific demon into each role.

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The Devil Made My Rosary? Curses!


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rr-cross-pink-v1Earlier this month The Sun ran an article about a Philippine exorcist who had reported that fake crucifixes with satanic symbols were being given out in that country, and that they were causing nightmares and bad luck.

Now, The Sun is hardly a paper of record – but even tabloid articles can make good material for a one-off story. Continue reading

Juno and the Jupiter Command


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Sigil of Nibhaz - Provenance UnknownJuno is a both a cat and an otaku. Whenever she’s not leading her band of “Magical Soldiers” into battle against the “evil forces that threaten to invade Earth,” she can be found lounging around on one of their sofas watching anime re-runs.

Contrary to popular opinion, Juno really is fond of her Servants – she’s just more fond of the destruction they wreak while “saving the Earth.”

Her infernal form also has the form of a cat, albeit one with spiky pitch black fur, three crimson LED eyes, matching ebony horns, a trio of snake-headed tails, and a palpable cloak of entropy. Continue reading

Numinous Corpus: Elementum


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Theosophie & Alchemie

The songs that follow are powerful. If In Nomine were a more balanced system, I would probably want to conduct play testing before proposing them. Instead these can be though of as draft ideas, please feel free to modify them as you see fit.

Elemental Numinous Corpus don’t just change one aspect of the body, they transform the entire body, bringing multiple advantages and disadvantages. Liber Canticorum includes two versions of this type of song; Numinous Corpus (Flame) and Numinous Corpus (Stone). Both were Secret Songs.

With this in mind, I have decided that all Elemental Numinous Corpus will be Secret or Forgotten, depending on which Superior(s) know it. Continue reading

Asirah, the Vigilant


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Seal_of_the_Dominican_OrderAsirah has a duty to find Discordant angels and deport them back to Heaven. Since a surprising number of angels attempt to circumvent Judgement, Asirah has determined that the best way she can serve her Archangel is to go undercover. Whenever possible, the Kyriotate will pose as a servitor of Fire. Not only does this put her in a better position to learn about angels in danger of falling, but she can pursue earthly justice without breaking cover.

Asirah is very much aware that things may not go well for her if the Flames ever realize what she is really doing. Continue reading

More than Beasts: Jurjen, Yuri, and Gerghe


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JordiThe Game Master’s Guide briefly floats the idea of Jordi as the Demon Prince of Beasts. While this keeps his association with animals, it has very little bearing on the modern world. Animals are not “out to get” humanity, and are singularly ill equipped to do so. While the simple flip is appealing, it would only work in a much earlier setting where animal attacks are a legitimate threat.

But Jordi is an Archangel at risk. He’s an open misanthrope – the only Superior aside from Malphas who regularly shuns contact with humans (and even Malphas is more likely to make exceptions). Jordi’s perspective is thoroughly alien to most humans, and therefore to the constructs of their faith. Just a little twist and he could snap into something else entirely. Continue reading