Aesir, Vanir, and Alvar (Germanic)

Odin with spear flanked by ravens and wolvesPantheon ∴ Active ∴ Canon
“Ne’er in the world were all equally wise,
tis shared by the fools and the sages.”

Canon Treatment
Revelations II p96, Ethereal Player’s Guide p84


Unofficial Treatment

The Aesir, Vanir, and Alvar are features of Germanic Myth.

“Odhin” by Johannes Gehrts

Aesir & Vanir in In Nomine

The Aesir are an active pantheon. Odin leads the gods from a fortified Valhalla while Thor and Loki continue to run around the moral world. The Vanir are not explicitly addressed.

High Gods (Aesir & Vanir)

  • Odin, Aesir high god
    [Revelations II p96, Ethereal Player’s Guide p84]
  • Baldr, Aesir god of beauty, deceased
    [Revelations III p114]
  • Heimdall, Aesir god of rainbows, Seneschal of Asgard
    [Revelations II p96]
  • Loki, Aesir/Jotunn god of trickery
    [Revelations II p96, Revelations III p118, Corporeal Player’s Guide p66]
  • Thor, Aesir god of protection
    [Liber Reliquarum p102, Revelations III p119, Revelations V p90]

Mythic Beasts

  • Fenris, Jotunn wolf of ragnarok
    [Revelations II p97]
  • Freke, Aesir wolf of ravenous hunger
    [Revelations II p96]
  • Gere, Aesir wolf of greed
    [Revelations II p96]
  • Hunin, Aesir raven of thought
    [Revelations II p96]
  • Jormungandr, Jotunn serpent of ragnarok
    [Revelations V p90]
  • Munin, Aesir raven of memory
    [Revelations II p96]
  • Sleipnir, Aesir/Jotunn horse of the gallows
    [Revelations II p96]


  • Hel, Jotunn god of the grave
    [Revelations II p96]


  • Volundr, Alvar god of craftsmanship
    [Liber Neglecta: Elves & Alvar]
  • Gandalf, Alvar with a staff
    [Liber Neglecta: Elves & Alvar]

Valkyrie (Psychopomps)

  • Unknown, Generic Valkyrie (7 Force)
    [Revelations II p96]

Einherjar (Dream Shades)

  • Hans
    [Superiors II p43]
  • Unknown, Generic Einherjar (5 Force)
    [Revelations II p97]

Known Tethers

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

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