Faerie Courts (Celtic)

Fragmented Pantheon(s) ∴ Active ∴ Canon
“Lord what fools these mortals be”

Canon Treatment
Revelations II p98


Unofficial Treatment

Primarily Scottish, Irish, and Welsh Celts; but most British folklore is implicated.

Faerie in In Nomine

One of the problems in dealing with the Faerie is that no one is entirely sure who is in charge. Some say it is the Tuatha de Danan, others that it is King Oberon, or High King Finvarra, or Queen Titania, or Queen Mab, or Queen Una, or Queen Gloreana, or King Brian, or Queen Maeve, or….

What is known is that one or more of these rulers turned to Hell during the Purity crusades and sued for protection which was granted in exchange for a teind. Every 7 years the fae must pay 1 out of every 10 new spirits and dream shades to hell. Mostly, but not always from the unseelie court.

Tuatha de Danan

  • Dagda, Tuatha de Danan druid king of fertility

High Nobility

  • none

Low Nobility

  • Llyweilun, Lesser Faerie Noble
    [You Are Here p45]
  • Unknown, Generic Faerie Noble (7 Force)
    [Revelations II p99]

Seelie Faerie

  • Lia ag Caint, Banshee
    [Liber Neglecta: Lia ag Caint]
  • Puck, Faerie Trickster (hobgoblin)
    [Liber Servitorum p92]
  • Unknown, Generic Fay (5 Force)
    [Revelations II p99]

Unseelie Faerie

  • Broggan, Faerie Troll* tithed to hell
    (*some trolls are Jotunn rather than Faerie)
    [You Are Here p120]
  • Headless Horseman, Dullahan
    [Liber Neglecta, Headless Horseman]
  • Pwyll, Common Faerie, leader of “the Shadows”
    [You Are Here p123]
  • Whytelok
    [Superiors II p19]

Folk Heros

  • Cuchulain, Celtic Hero, deceased
    [Liber Reliquarum p86]
  • Finn Mac Cool, Celtic Hero
    [Revelations II p140]
  • King Arthur, British Hero, deceased
    [Liber Reliquarum p83]
  • Tamlin, Celtic Knight, tithed to hell
    [Liber Neglecta: Rittmeister Generals]

Known Tethers

  • Assorted Fairy Circles, UK

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