Heliopians (Egypt)

Pantheon ∴ Diminished ∴ Canon
“Know the world in yourself
do not look for yourself in the world”

Canon Treatment
Revelations II p103


Unofficial Treatment

Early Egypt cerca 2500 BCE

Heliopians in In Nomine

The Ancient Egyptian gods remain an active Pantheon inside of In Nomine, but their power is in decline. Osiris is dead, Isis struggling to find relevance, Anubis complicit in the ascent of Saminga, and Set struggling to be allowed among the demons of Hell.

Major Deities

  • Osiris, god of death and rebirth, high god, deceased
    [Revelations II p103]
  • Anubis, funerary god
    [Revelations II p103]
  • Bast, goddess of cats and battles
    [Revelations II p103, Corporeal Player’s Guide p66]
  • Horus, sky god, patron of pharaohs, deceased
    [Revelations II p103]
  • Isis, goddess of magic, fertility, and healing
    [Revelations II p103]
  • Maat, goddess of morality, reported deceased in Purity Crusade
    [Liber Reliquarum p99]
  • Set, god of trickery, chaos, and storms
    [Revelations II p103]

Minor Dieties

  • none listed

Known Tethers

  • none

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