Kami, Yokai, and Ayakashi (Japan)

Ameterasu from a work by Kunisada

Pantheon ∴ Active ∴ Canon
“Leave things of this world, and come to me daily
with pure bodies and pure hearts”

Canon Treatment
Revelations II p104

Torii Arch

Unofficial Treatment
Tengu Mini Guide

Gods and spirits of Japanese Shinto faith. Distinct from the Ainu Kamui.

Kami, Yokai, and Ayakashi in In Nomine

Canonically, the Kami have restructured the assorted Shinto gods, spirits, and folk heroes into the August Prosperity Collective. Rather than fuel themselves off the power of Nightmares, the collective has instead sought strength through The Media.

Major Kami

  • Ameterasu, goddess of the sun
    [Superiors II p106, Liber Relequarum p90]

Minor Kami

  • none listed

Yokai & Ayakashi


Dream Shades

  • Buchi, a Samurai
    [Liber Servitorum p85]

Known Tethers

  • none listed

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