Loa & Orisha (Vodou & Santeria)

oshun-inPantheons ∴ Active ∴ Canon
“If I don’t meet you no more in this world,
I’ll meet you in the next. Don’t be late.”

Canon Treatment
Revelations II p104

Legba Veve

Unofficial Treatment

A syncretic pantheon forged from West African gods in diaspora and Catholic saint worship.

Loa and Orisha in In Nomine

Canonically, Loa and Orisha have an uneasy truce with Heaven and many Vodouists are just as open to possession by a Dominion as they are to possession by a Loa or Orisha. Dominic frowns on this detente, but it’s Nybbas who really tries to undermine it.

Although not canonical, I would suggest that characters with the Vodou or Santeria skills should be able to use them to recognize possession. The higher the CD the more the practitioner can learn about the possessing god or Celestial.


  • Damballah, divine snake
    [You Are Here p55]
  • Legba, opener of ways
    [You Are Here p56]


Vodounists & Santeres

  • Leon Carson
    [You Are Here p56]

Known Tethers

  • none listed

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