Olympians (Greek)

Pantheon ∴ Diminished ∴ Canon
“Fair Gaia first bore the starry Heaven,
equal to herself, to cover her on all sides”

Canon Treatment
Revelations II p96, Ethereal Player’s Guide p84

Laurel Wreath

Unofficial Treatment

The Olympians are primarily from Greek and Roman myth, though they do show up elsewhere

Olympians in In Nomine

Ares was killed and Zeus overthrown in the Purity Crusades, Hermes is missing, and Hades killed by the forces of Hell. Athena leads the remainder of this jaded and fading pantheon.


  • Athena, Olympian goddess of wisdom and victory
    [Revelations II p99, Liber Casellorum p6, Liber Neglecta: Athena Basileia]
  • Aphrodite, Olympian goddess of love
    [Revelations II p99]
  • Apollo, Olympian god of the sun
    [Revelations II p100, Corporeal Player’s Guide p66, Liber Casellorum p6]
  • Ares, Olympian god of war, deceased (slain by heaven)
    [Revelations II p99]
  • Artemis, Olympian goddess of the hunt
    [Revelations II p100]
  • Dionysus, Olympian god of the vine
    [Revelations II p 100]
  • Hades, Olympian god of the underworld, deceased (slain by hell)
    [Revelations II p99]
  • Hekate, Olympian goddess of witchery, poison, and necromancy
    [Liber Neglecta: Hekate the Later]
  • Hephaestus, Olympian god of volcanoes and the smithy
    [Revelations II p100, Liber Reliquarum p99]
  • Hera, Olympian goddess of marriage
    [Revelations II p 99]
  • Hermes, Olympian god of crossroads, missing
    [Revelations II p100, Liber Reliquarum p97]
  • Persephone, Olympian goddess of spring and the underworld
    [Revelations II p99]
  • Poseidon, Olympian god of the sea
    [Revelations II p100]
  • Zeus, Olympian god of lightning, deceased (slain by heaven)
    [Revelations II p99]


  • none listed


  • Atropos, fate
    [Liber Reliquarum p100]
  • Clotho, fate
    [Liber Reliquarum p100]
  • Lachesis, fate
    [Liber Reliquarum p100]


Liber Neglecta: The Erotes

  • Cupid, god of love
  • Anteros, god of requited love
  • Aphroditus, goddex of gender non-conformity
  • Hedylogos, god of flattery
  • Himeros, god of unrequited love
  • Hymen, goddess of weddings and marriage
  • Pothos, god of yearning

In the absence of Hermes, Iris is the primary messenger of the Olympians

Nymphs, Muses, Genius Loci

  • Arianne, nymph
    [You Are Here p70]
  • Carpo, hora of the autumn
    [Liber Neglecta: Carpo]
  • Columbia, spirit of the United States
    [Liber Neglecta: Columbia]
  • Iris, messenger goddess of the rainbow
    [Liber Neglecta: Iris]
  • Mairead, nymph
    [You Are Here p70]
  • Pan, god of panic
    [Revelations II p100, Liber Reliquarum p99]
  • Stephanisse, nymph
    [You Are Here p70]


  • Sophronia, sphinx
    [Liber Servitorum p93]

Heroes & Legends

  • Sisyphus, cheater of death
    [Revelations II p99]
  • Tantalus, a wicked king
    [Revelation II p99]


  • Ixos
    [Revelations II p99]

Known Tethers

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