Comics for In Nomine Players


Hellblazer #1

Vertigo Comics

Confidence man and petty magician John Constantine takes on the forces of heaven and hell.

Original Creative Team: Jamie Delano & John Ridgeway

Not yet reviewed

Kill Six Billion Demons

Kill Six Billion Demons Book 1 Chapter 3

Read Webcomic

Self-loathing sorority sister Allison Ruth finds herself a linchpin of the metaverse when the key to all worlds is unceremoniously shoved into her forehead.

Creative Team: Abbadon

Three Artifacts from Throne

The Last Temptation

The Last Temptation comic book coverDark Horse Comics (originally Marvel Comics)

The Last Temptation is the product of a collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Alice Cooper. It tells the story of Steven, an autumn child who finds a hidden theater and discovers the showman is not all that he seems.

Creative Team: Neigh Gaiman, Michael Zulli, Alice Cooper

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The Last Temptation (Album)


Lucifer issue #16Vertigo Comics

After giving Dream of the Endless the Key to Hell, Lucifer decides to retire from his role as the adversary. He is drawn back into celestial politics when God hires him on as a one-time contractor.

Creative Team: Mike Carey

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Misfile Read Webcomic

Ash & Emily have a problem. The angel Rumisiel misfiled their celestial paperwork before getting kicked out of heaven. Now Ash looks like a girl, Emily is missing a year of her life, and neither know when things will go back to normal.

Creative Team: Chris Hazelton

Not Yet Reviewed (but the art does get better, honest)

Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries CoverDark Horse Comics (originally Midnight Graffiti)

It is hard to describe this story without spoiling it – but if you look closely it tells the tale of two murders while also serving as a great illustration of the Wordbound mindset.

Creative Team: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell

Not Yet Reviewed

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Preacher #56Vertigo Comics

Preacher Jesse Cluster is possessed by Genesis, a spirit that is equal parts angel and demon. It gives him the power to command any who understand his words. He uses this ability to hunt for God who has seemingly fled heaven.

Creative Team: Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

Not Yet Reviewed


Sandman Vertigo Comics

Morpheus, Dream of the Endless, is freed from long confinement and must set his domain back in order. Along the way he deals with gods and angels, scheming siblings, and the chaotic whims of humanity.

Original Creative Team: Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith

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Stanley and His Monster

Destroy Stanley and his Monster

DC Comics (pre-Vertigo)

Stanley and His Monster is the story of a boy and his not so imaginary friend. It isn’t until the second volume, when Phil Foglio took over, that we learn the Monster is really a demon kicked out of hell for being too nice.

Original Creative Team: Arnold Drake, Win Mortimer

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