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“When Beleth was an angel, she held the Word of Fear, and used it for the good of mankind. Hers was the fear that kept living things away from danger, and the fear for others that impelled a mother to save a child or a friend to defend a friend. She lived with Blandine in the tower that Blandine still inhabits, and the substance of both their natures was woven into its walls”

– You Are Here p 87

One thing to understand about Beleth, even the light version of Beleth, is that she has no love for humans. She cares for them and fears for them, but her love is God and Blandine (though not necessarily in that order). In the beginning, everything she did was for those two (and by extension, Andrealphus). When it turned out that they did not; could not return her love with equal service, her fall became inevitable.

When Blandine asked Beleth to observe Yves ban on direct meddling, she listened – and rather than teach mortals the value of fear directly, she sought out dreams and superstitions born from those fears and crafted them into parables and lessons that the mortals could learn from before facing. Unfortunately, her relationship with Blandine grew ever more strained as Beleth’s journeys took her ever further into the Dark Marches and the Far Marches. Blandine did not wish to hear of her lover’s adventures with blasphemous gods or of the horrors that might taint the dreams of her own charges in the bright vale.

Without her lover to console her, Beleth turned to others to ease her mind. Unfortunately, Yves seemed both troubled and distant (eventually souring their relationship), and David has never quite figured out how to offer anything other than physical or material support. Eventually Beleth’s Word drew her to the only other soul who truly seemed to appreciate the power and potential of the dark: Lucifer.

The shining one seemed to understand her plight, and offer actionable guidance – but never quite let her forget that it was the will of G-d or the treachery of Dreams that brought her to her state. By the time the rebellion came, she was ready and even eager for it.


It is dissonant for one of Beleth’s followers to allow a human to die. However, since Beleth is so taken with Blandine, she will usually also reprimand any who assume Celestial Form or use Celestial Songs in the Corporeal Realm.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim restricted – Beleth’s Most High were master’s at rooting out the kernel of truth at the heart of any fear. Whenever a mortal described their fears to one of these angels they would automatically know if the fear was justified.

Cherubim – The Cherubs of Fear had the ability to frighten mortals away from danger. Those who wished to proceed against their warnings needed to succeed on Will rolls (or otherwise counter the emotion).

Ofanim – Beleth’s Wheels were the rangers of the Dark Marches. Thise angels halved the amount of time it took them to reach a destination in the nightmare realms.

Elohim – The Elohim of Fear were Beleth’s most perceptive followers. These angels could tell at a glance what a mortal was most afraid of.

Malakim Beleth had no Malakim – if she did they would be wreathed in the fear of god at all times. Anyone seeking to seeking to attack one must succeed at a Will check or loose their nerve for CD minutes.

Kyriotates restricted – The Dominations of Fear did not need to make a resonance roll to possess someone who was terrified for another’s life (but once that life was saved they would need to make a resonance roll to stay in control of their host).

Mercurians restricted – When Beleth’s Friends of Man resonate, they pick up on all the strands of fear running through their relationships, both the fear of and fear for others.

Grigori Beleth had no Grigori – if she did they would have the ability to examine the site of a homicide for 5 minutes to determine if a celestial was involved.

Bright Lilim Beleth had no Bright Lilim – if she did, when they detected a mortal’s needs, they’d also get a general sense of how dangerous it would be to that mortal to satisfy the need.

Servitor Attunements

Dream Walkingunchanged

Training Wheels – When this angel helps a mortal overcome one of their fears in a dream, that mortal gains a +2TN bonus the next time they attempt a relevant roll in the Corporeal Realm (this bonus fades if it is not used within a number of days equal to the angel’s Ethereal Forces).


Vassal of Fear

This angel can smell the anxiety of mortals making it impossible for them to hide their nervousness.

Friend of Courage

This angel always knows if someone in his presence either is or has in the past day been visited by a spirit of Fear, Anxiety, Stress, or Panic.

Master of Terrors

While an angel of this level can still experience fear, they are immune to any related mechanical effects.


Allied: Blandine, Andrealphus
Associated: Baal, David, Raphael, Lucifer
Hostile: Novalis, Uriel, Yves


Chance of Invocation: 1

Invocation Modifiers

+1 a book of cautionary tales
+2 the bones of a nightmare
+3 a terrible secret
+4 the bed an angel slept in while in the Dark Marches
+5 a human standing vigil while someone they love sleeps peacefully
+6 in the trenches on the eve of battle
+8 the top of the Tower of Dreams & Fears