20 Questions for an Aspiring Demon


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innomineAs I have previously adapted L5R’s 20 Questions for creating angelic characters. I was recently reminded that I had neglected their infernal cousins. With this post I hope to correct the oversight.

Please consider this list when building a demon in order to give it more life and depth from the outset (and to give your GM some lovely adventure hooks to will make their stories personal to your character).

Please comment on the questions. I’d love to learn which questions you found to be helpful, and which were so much fluff. Continue reading


Lucerna, Angel of Fireworks


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Seal of GabrielOther Angels of Gabriel may be messenger’s of God’s righteous anger at the harm that they inflict, but Lucerna is really just interested in bringing a bit of joy and color into everyone’s lives. Continue reading



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I have very much enjoyed the increased freedom I have had over the past month. While the time mostly went into convalescence and activism, I was also able to take on other projects that I had been putting on the back burner.

At the same time, the Book of the Neglected has been a staple of my life for some time now, and I’m still not prepared to give it up altogether.

To split the difference, Liber Neglecta will be changing to a weekly for the foreseeable future.

Fox & Wolf


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by Gustav Dore

Nora Fox is a Red Riding Hood, no longer a child but not yet a woman. Gayle Vat is a Bad Wolf in good standing with the Lupine’s Malevolent Society. The pair are currently shacked up because Nora needs a family right now and doesn’t know that many people in the waking world. Gayle is going along with it because shes thinks Nora is cute, she’s a bit of a chaser, and she could use some help with rent. Neither expect the arrangement to work out in the long run (they both know the story they come from), but for now they have an uneasy truce. Continue reading

Adventure Hook: Make Me Feel


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Depression is dangerous in an angel; especially among the Elohim, where feeling is so central to who they are and what they do. Rather than fall in the ghost of Meserach’s clutches, an Elohite of Creation has thrown themselves into the local club scene in an attempt to prove that they can still feel, still love, still want.

It is a vulnerable place for one of the Elohim to be, too much attachment; too much pain, and they still might crack and become one of the Punishers – and Andrealphus always tends to keep his fingers on the pulse of the night scene and is more than happy to lead a Creationer down the path to hell.

A party that successfully leads the Elohite back to their side should be allowed to call upon them as a resource in the future.

Auntie Lavender, Cherub of Flowers


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Auntie Lavender is one of those angels to seek when you want to know what’s going on in town. During the day he can usually be found painting or gardening in his signature lilac overalls… or at least his friends always seem to be able to find him that way. No so much his creditors. At night Auntie Lavender tends to go dancing and clubbing with friends (unless there is a major political function to observe). Continue reading

The Ivory Council


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Yves‘ Ivory Council is arguably the most influential deliberative body in heaven after the Seraphim Council itself. The Council is typically divided into three parts: The Division of Corporeal Affairs, The Division of Ethereal Affairs, and The Division of Celestial Affairs. However, plenary sessions are not unheard of.

While the Ivory Council has no direct authority, their debates inform Destiny and the Chair of each Division is an ex-officio member of the Seraphim Council.

Continue reading