Hispid, Spike-Haired Warrior


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HIspidHispid is a Malakite of Animals who specializes in punishing overaggressive predators, including such apex predators as humans, demons, and ethereals. Her preferred vessel is a large porcupine, but a stocky hirsute human will do when circumstances demand it.

Although Hispid’s celestial form has the signature black wings of her Choir, the animalistic qualities of her previous Cherubic duties are still visible.

Hispid is a playable starting character! Continue reading


Adventure Hook: Dogs of War


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With the threat of global war once again on the rise, Ba’al has granted his Djinn leave to travel to the Corporeal realm at will to gather allies and draw semiotic battle lines.

While a part might encounter one or two of these “dogs” stirring up hate and endorsing autocratic rule, hundreds more will be acting beyond their reach.

Should angels engage them in open conflict, the resulting fight would likely spill over into mortals, kicking off the very war the heavenly servants are trying to prevent; other, more challenging solutions are called for.

Adventure Hook: Wrong Bitch


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A handful of Lilim have dropped their disguises and are walking openly through the world. As usual in such cases of open defiance, Asmodeus and Dominic have teamed up to keep to preserve the mystery of heaven and hell. Unfortunately, their agents were a little obvious and the Lilim are now up at arms and looking for someone who will believe that Judgement and The Game collude while also banding together to defend each other.

Adventure Hook: All You Zombies


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The Zombies are in open revolt. One of their number managed to retain a faint sliver of their soul and overthrew their Infernal master (currently resting in limbo rather than facing Saminga’s wrath). Now the monsters are in charge of their own and rallying for… something.

Attempts to disburse the zombies will likely turn violent, and reasoning may prove difficult as most are still little more than mindless shambling bodies.

Glaive, Seraph of Her Own Name


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GlaiveGlaive is an old soldier in Heaven’s Army. Although she serves Lawrence now, she came up through Michael’s ranks, not Uriel’s. Her tactics are a bit antiquated, but still sound. Much like her original Superior, Glaive favors individual acts of heroism over regimented formations.

She knows her duty and she will execute it, but she has a soft spot for loose canons (read PCs) especially if they can get results. Continue reading

Adventure Hook: I Want to Be Evil


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A Reliever (possibly even the Servant of someone in the party) has decided that they’re sick and tired of how they are treated by the angels of heaven, and that they would rather serve hell. There’s only one problem, they don’t know how.

Every “malicious” act the Reliever tries ends up being beneficial after all. Not that the party should drag their feet – too long without addressing the issue may actually give the lesser angel a chance to learn how to do harm.

Celestial Forms in Variation: Cherubim


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In their celestial forms, the Cherubim resemble hybrids of different animals. This has been one of the harder lists of forms for me to come up with because there are just so many possibilities. I could easily have come up with three or more options for each Superior, but as I have mentioned elsewhere, I’m trying to limit my list posts.

So here are a couple of Cherub descriptions for each Archangel. I’ve endeavored to include on that is more anthropomorphic and one which is more beastly for each Superior.

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Adventure Hook: Team


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This hook should be introduced slowly, a glimpse of a street kid here, a fantastic joust there – some of the PCs may even use the “team” as messengers or couriers from time to time, possibly without realizing it.

Sometimes, when an angel finds the rules of heaven too constraining but is not prepared to fall, they find what they find “noble” ways to end themselves.

One such angel has adopted a drew of youth from broken or missing homes. They have no illusions about the world they live in, but are able to find magic within it that others overlook. [Personally, I would pick an elohite outcast, but any choir would do]

As for the angel, zie is dying a slow death; slowly divesting zir forces one at a time to those who make the best leaders and healers in the crew. Eventually the angel will be no more, but zie will have left in zir wake a band of soldiers dedicated to survival and mutual support who owe fealty to neither heaven nor hell.

No 3290 Magistrate Abersumi


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Countex of Final Judgement, Demon of Pardons

A couple months back I shared a link to the Lesser Bot on the Liber Neglecta Facebook page. Some of the demons it churns out are quite fun, and with a bit of work could make for some fantastic NPCs.

Take Abersumi, the Demon of Pardons. Pardons is such an interesting Word. It implies both guilt and release, an end to formal punishment, a second chance, and a certain degree of favoritism. In many ways it is a perfect for The Game. Continue reading