Common Oaths for Novalis’ Malakim


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daisyNovalis is heaven’s peacenik. In every conflict, she is the one advocating non-violence; a position which tends to put her more martial choirs in somewhat of a bind. Here are some of the vows that her Malakim use to balance their impulses and obligations:

  • I will never pass up the opportunity to dance
    when it is my choice.
  • I will not engage in violence until all other paths have been exhausted.
  • I will oppose any violence that does not exclusively target demons.
  • I will not step on the grass/wildflowers.
  • I will always weed out evil at its root.
  • I will only use weapons of wood, leaf, and flower.
  • I will always use the least violence necessary for my objectives.
  • I will not allow <named grove or garden> to come to harm.
  • I will plant a new seed every day.

Roy G. Biv: Mid-Clearance Metacritic


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Friend Computer from Paranoia

Roy is a Ethereal refugee from BIV Sector of the Alpha Complex (a totalitarian yet comedic dream realm run by an all powerful AI). In hir home domain, Roy holds down a mid-level security clearance – something xe marks by only wearing green outfits, typically jumpsuits. Continue reading

Thamiel, Habbalite Prince of Famine (Deceased)


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The world is defined by want. Heaven and man both want it but neither can have it, for there is not enough.

During the war in heaven Thamiel did not fight beside Lucifer, nor did he fight beside Michael. He sat out the war and used the chaos to visit parts of Yves‘ and Eli’s Cathedrals that had previously been barred to him. Like many angels, Thamiel was interested in God’s Grace – but his passion was its excess and absence.

While the other angels were locked in mortal combat, Thamiel was studying the various sights furthest from god’s sight. As the war in heaven drew to a close, Thamiel bought himself amnesty by presenting his findings to Raphael (who was looking for a place to put the rebels).
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Boodler “Emanuel Boodelay,” Lilim of Mammon


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BoodlerEmanuel Boodelay is likely to show up as a well-heeled background character, though he does not see himself that way. Unlike most Lilim, Boodler prefers to present as male, he finds the additional privilege fits his outlook and lifestyle well. Art patron, philanthropist, business owner, man about town, Boodler likes to be involved with the life of his city; especially when there’s and advantage to be had.

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Solars and Planetars


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AD&D has its own hierarchy of angels, starting with Daevas (and occasionally Archons) and moving up to Planetars and Solars. The Solars of D&D are roughly equivalent to the Archangels of In Nomine, powerful Word-bound generals of good.

But the idea of Solars and Planetars predates Gary Gygax. Planetars also exist in the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy as the Oyeresu; powerful eldila (angels) that serve as planetary intelligences and protectors. Lewis in turn took the idea from Bernard Silvestris, who proposed them as governors of the Celestial Spheres (planetary orbits). Continue reading

Common Oaths for Marc’s Malakim


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cyriljersymMarc’s Virtues tend to be idealists who believe that there are always terms under which an agreement can be reached and the only real question is whether or not someone is willing to meet or honor those terms. For example, a Malakite of Trade really will spare a demon’s life… if it’s willing to redeem.

  • I will neither offer nor accept a bribe/gift.
  • I will offer fair compensation for the lives I take.
  • I will attempt to resolve all conflicts with negotiation first.
  • I will not tolerate greed or usury.
  • I will not purchase stolen goods.
  • I will always acknowledge and if possible reward diligent work.
  • I will attempt to redeem any demon who deals fairly with me.
  • I will leave fair exchange for items requisitioned in the line of my duties.
  • I will always repay a debt.

What is fair compensation for a life?

Different cultures place different values on human life. A 2008 Stanford study claimed that each year year of quality was worth approximately $129k (about $148k/yr in today’s dollars) – but other measures or other forms of compensation might possibly be used instead.

Heresy of Truth and Lies


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Metatron2There is a strange story that circulates among those who have seen either the Book of Names or the Book of Death. They claim that Lucifer never survived the War in Heaven; instead he was struck down by Metatron who was so stricken with grief that he perjured himself before all creation to claim that it was he who died. Unfortunately, his saying it “made it so” and “made it good,” and from that point forward Metatron “became” Lucifer, Prince of Lies. Continue reading

A Correction and An Apology



Gretchen Offenbach has been edited.

I can no longer stand to leave her in her original form. She had been a pro-life activist willing to consider violence, and it offered nothing to the character.

I normally do my best to keep my politics out of this blog. But in this instance I went too far the other direction. I personally find the violence directed towards women seeking abortions and abortion clinics to be reprehensible, and I am ashamed that I wrote anything that presented it as something people could or should identify with (Gretchen Offenbach is presented as part of the Playable Characters series, and not as a villain).

It was a mistake, and I am sorry for the harm I caused.

Master of the Pit


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Sigil_of_Lucifer.svgIt was almost time to start. The coolers had been checked and re-checked; the ribs and tri-tip had been marinating for the past three night, and Sinetway had just checked the balance for the chicken rub this morning. If the gauges on his giant cast iron smoker were to believed (and he knew they were), he could start at any time.

They other cooks were also starting to figure it out, less talk of other jobs. More attention to the work space. It was a subtle shift, but not to an Impudite. The grills were the top of the chain now. Continue reading