Demons of the Ars Goetia

The Lesser Key of Solomon is one of the better known occult texts. The original author is unknown, but it was popularized in the English language by Samuel MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley (prior to their falling out over the leadership of the Golden Dawn).

Included in the text is a list of 72 demons.

Several of these demons have an official place within the In Nomine universe (ranging from Prince to Servitor), and Liber Neglecta has proposed roles for several others. For reference purposes, I am listing them all along with what role they fill in the game world. Continue reading

Dukes of Hell: Naming Lusties


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Sigil of Andrealphus - GoetiaAdaptability is the name of the game for a Duke of Lust. Not only do they need/want to drop everything to serve their Prince personally, but there is no telling what the state of their fortunes or the world will be when their own private submission is through.

Any sphere of influence is flexible, and GMs should feel free to add. remove, or relocate any Duke as they see fit. Continue reading

The Song of Swaying Grass as it Races the Wind


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daisyOfanite of Flowers

The transition from redeemer to angel is both wonderful and traumatic. Although it was only a couple of months ago, The Song of Swaying Grass as it Races the Wind already has a hard time remembering what it was like to spend her days whispering “grow, grow, grow, for you have the love of god” to blades of grass instead of running through their root systems jumping from place to place all across this green land.

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Sredni Vashtar – The Littlest God


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sredni2According to the Ethereal Player’s guide, the minimum number of Forces required to attain a godhead is 9. This is a good rule of thumb for player characters – but for NPCs a bit more latitude might be acceptable if all other requirements of godhood are met.

Sredni Vashtar first appeared in a short story of the same name. Continue reading

Vapula Ascendant


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Sigil of Vapula - GoetiaThe Vapula Ascendant setting is based upon “The Machine” variation proposed for Vapula in Superiors 4.

Hell may once have existed as Dante imagined it, but no longer. With the rise of the machine and power of the internet revealed, hell is fast becoming a nightmare ripped from the mind of William Gibson. Continue reading

Dark Creation: Ailey, Ely, and Eligh


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EliWhen it comes to Falling Archangels, Eli is the low hanging fruit. Half of heaven already thinks he’s on the way down, and from a metagame perspective – by assigning each of his servitors an alternate Superior to serve, the developers have ensured that no PC would be orphaned by his loss.

It’s a rather elegant solution, but the choice of Superior stuck me as something of an odd one. Vapula already represents the darker aspects of creation, and rarely cares about the human cost of his work.

Still, there are other ways for Eli to Fall, and that’s where we’ll begin… Continue reading

Phalet, The Coroner


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Sigil of Samigina - GoetiaPhalet is something of an enigma. Ze is always busy but never wants to do the work of the Hell Below. Instead ze greases the wheels of Hell on Earth with a near bottomless supply of Essence. No corpse will pass zir by without being drained, and ze can often be spotted performing stand up comedy or dancing on the club floor making unsuspecting rubes feel miserable.

Because Phalet is a constant bubble of ebullience, and has no real interest in surrounding zirself with zombies – ze can sometimes convince other infernals that ze does not, in fact, work for Saminga. Continue reading

20 Questions for an Aspiring Angel


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innomineAs I have mentioned previously, I love the 20 Questions used as part of character creation in Legend of the Five Rings.

It may have taken me a bit of time, but I finally have a version suitable for angelic characters (the same list could probably be used for demons as well with only minor tweaks).

Please comment on the questions. I’d love to learn which you found to be helpful, and which were so much fluff.
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