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Sigil of Ophiel - Provenance UnknownThe world turns on petty vengeance

Design Philosophy (and mini-history)

In angel lore Oriphiel is an Archangel, a Prince of the order of Thrones (Ofanim), a regent of the world, an angel of the wilderness, a governing angel of the planet Saturn, and in the works of Rudolph Steiner an agent of divine wrath. By In Nomine lore he was one of Uriel‘s most senior Ofanim and also the most senior Servitor of Purity to fall.

I tend to envision him as one of the Tsayadim – one of Uriel‘s hunters. However, instead of contenting himself with purging old gods, he set his eyes on punishing the corruption and impurity of heaven, slaughtering angels with even a hint of dissonance.

Ophiel from Anima

Ophiel from Anima

But these were just the pawns, an orphaned angel lacked the power to go after heaven’s heavy hitters, and so Oriphiel turned to hell, trusting in the purity of his own motives and Uriel‘s blessing to keep him safe. But while Uriel‘s protection might have warded the Ofanite from incidental corruption it was not meant to shield someone who had willingly embraced the infernal and Oriphiel fell.

In agony and resentment he burned, damning both Heaven and Uriel. In embracing that outrage he was reborn as the new Demon Prince of Wrath.

This same story could instead incite Oriphiel become the old Demon Prince of Fanaticism. If you go that route you can pretty much use Dark Khalid‘s write up from Revelations V p101 (though I would suggest expanding it to include all religious fanaticism, not just fanatical Islam).

Dissonance Condition

Oriphiel’s servitors must answer any insult or slight within a number of days equal to their Celestial Forces.

Band Attunements

Balseraph – As Tsayadim Seraphim (Ethereal Player’s Guide p140)

Djinn – As Tsayadim Cherubim (Ethereal Player’s Guide p141)

Calabim – As Tsayadim Malakim (Ethereal Player’s Guide p141)

Habbalah – (restricted) – If the fury induced by one of Oriphiel’s Punishers is interrupted, it can resume up to Celestial Force days later (often with even greater firepower).


Kyriotates possessed by Shedim of Wrath can only control one host at a time.

Lilim – With a glance this demon can determine who or what most angers someone.

Shedim – Although Oriphiel has been abandoned by Uriel, he still finds Corrupters to be distasteful. However, this will not stop him from using them in his quest for vengeance. The Shedim of Wrath can possess dissonant Celestials, but their resonance and Will CDs are limited to the level of their host’s dissonance.

Impudites – (restricted) – Oriphiel’s Impudites can freely direct the anger of those they’ve Charmed.

Servitor Attunements

Hunt – As Lawrence (In Nomine p127)
Polarize – As Malphas (In Nomine p175)
Scabbard – As Lawrence (Servitors I p73)
Smite – As Gabriel (In Nomine p119)


Paladin of Umbrage – The demon automatically knows if an offense was intended or could be inferred. Their dissonance condition only requires a response to intended offenses, but they are more than welcome to act on the others if they so chose.

Captain of the Wilderness – This demon will never be attacked by wild beasts. Ethereals with the Animal Affinity must succeed on a Will roll in order to attack the demon.

Baron of Acrimony – This demons may add their dissonance to the TN of all rolls made against someone who caused them dissonance. This automatically includes both God and Uriel, if someone succeeds with a Divine Intervention this bonus will apply against them until the end of the scene.

Special Distinction

Intransigent – So far Oriphiel has only given this distinction to Servitors of Uriel who fell along with him, though he might entertain petitions from fallen angels of Faith or The Sword (since those Superiors once served Purity). No song or attunement used by an angel can sway the opinion of these demons, and they are treated as a half-rank more senior than Oriphiel’s other followers.


Allied: Baal, (Dark Khalid)
Associated: Andrealphus, Beleth
Hostile: Belial, Malphas, Saminga
Enemies: Asmodeus

Enemies before the Fall

While he was still an angel, Oriphiel took a particular joy in hunting down Belial‘s Liars. While the two are now technically on the same side, both have long memories and short tempers. If either gets a chance at betraying the other, they will probably take it.

Oriphiel, Kezef, and Af

Oriphiel will make use of Kezef‘s loyalists, but will not offer them any distinctions or promotions. If a demon of wrath wishes to advance through Oriphiel’s ranks he must first surrender all rites, attunements, and distinctions granted by the previous Prince of Wrath. The only exception is the demon Af, who has been allowed to have distinctions, rites, and attunements of both Princes in exchange for keeping the previous Demons of Wrath in line.


  • Lash out without a thought of consequences
  • Listen to an hour long fire and brimstone diatribe
  • Witness an execution


Base chance of Invocation: 3

+1 Praying before a fight
+2 Cleaning a weapon
+3 The life’s blood of a betrayer
+4 An employee cheating their boss out of $30,000
+5 Traveling with someone bent on mass slaughter
+6 Engaged in a mortal battle