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Today’s post should be short and quick (it isn’t). I tend to set games where I live. Right now happens to be the San Francisco Bay Area. By canon, San Francisco is a city dominated by the angels. That is not how I run my games, but if you want to stay close to the books you should favor heavenly tethers over infernal Tethers.

There are currently somewhere on the order of 7 million people living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The exact number of tethers will depend on how frequent tethers are in your campaign.

  • Very Rare – 1 Tether
  • Rare – 7 Tethers
  • Uncommon – 28 Tethers
  • Common – 70 Tethers

I personally like the idea of Uncommon Tethers. With 28 different tethers, more than half of the Superiors will have a divine channel somewhere in the Bay Area – though some locations will be more popular than others even among Servitors of other superiors.

The Bay Area’s Only Tether [Very Rare]

According to Liber Castellorum, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a powerful tether to Novalis, and has been since the late ’60s. If tethers are Very Rare in your game, you may want to consider using this as your only Bay Area tether.

However, the Bay Area has been changing. Silicon Valley is and has been a strong driver of that change. Even if you want tethers to be Very Rare in your game, you might want to consider placing a second tether somewhere in Mountain View or San Jose. Liber Castellorum has a usable tether to Lilith, but Vapula and Jean would also be valid choices.

In such an environment the game would be strongly driven by the conflict between the Celestials favoring the San Francisco vision for the area and those favoring the San Jose vision.

The Seven Tethers [Rare]

* First Note ** Second Note *** Third Note
1 “a building where early networking technologies were developed.”
2 Liber Castellorum mistakenly identifies the location of “The Play” as the Stanford Football Stadium.
3 No such memorial exists in Golden Gate Park.
4 No such website exists.

With seven tethers you can have some real variety while still limiting the number of options the players have to communicate with heaven and hell. Where these tethers are located (and whom they are dedicated to) is up to the GM. If you go by the Liber Castellorum, five are infernal tethers, one a divine tether, and one an unidentified tethers:

However, if San Francisco is supposed to be the divine city that the In Nomine Literature suggests, I would probably switch that to 4 divine, 2 infernal, and 1 ethereal tether.

My Suggestions

  • Golden Gate Park (Novalis)
    Seneschal: Hallaren, Ofanite Master of Peace
  • Golden Gate (Blandine)
    Seneschal: Chrysopylae, Cherub Friend of Sleepers
  • Alcatraz (Dominic)
    Seneschal: Zelezni, Cherub Vassal Warder of Conscience
  • Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon (Eli)
    Seneschal: “Lester” Servus, Elohite of Creation
  • Tanforan Racetrack (Baal)
    Seneschal: T’Quomah, Balsaraph Captain of the Infernal Armies
  • SRI International (Lilith)
    Seneschal: None. However, there will always be an accomplished celestial here working off one of their Geasa to Lilith.
  • Mount Diablo (Miwok & Ohlone Spirits)
    Seneschal: None. However, any spirit with a mythological tie to the mountain may draw on its essence as if Attuned to the tether.

If you want the psychic landscape to highligh the 60s over the 30s, swap out the Tanforan Racetrack for the bathroom lab where Owsley (aka Bear) first cooked LSD. It would, of course, be a tether to Fleurity instead of Baal.

A Tether Each [Uncommon & Common]

Rather than pick and chose between Superiors, I have suggested a tether location for each of them. That gives a possible 46 tethers. If you want tethers to be uncommon, you’ll need need to halve this list for your campaign. On the other hand, you’ll need an extra 50% if you want tethers to be common.

Either way, some of these tethers will be far weaker than usual.


* First Note ** Second Note *** Third Note
5 Latham Square was also involved in the 1934 West Coast Waterfront Strike and the 2011 Oakland General Strike.
6 Until recently, the Palace of Fine Arts was the site of the Exploratorium.


* First Note ** Second Note *** Third Note
7 I wanted to follow canon and find a spot associated with the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, but none of the locations really fit Belial.
8 Where Owsley (aka Bear) first cooked LSD.
9 Site of Mabuhay Gardens, where the Dead Kennedys got their start.
10 Mark Hopkins Jr. is a better fit than James C. Flood (12/29/21)
11 I also considered one of the Richmond Oil Refineries, but Vapula would probably want to be closer to Silicon Valley.



Other Options

I am, of course, not the first person to try and assign tethers to the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are what some other fans have come up with: