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Sigil of Andrealphus - Goetia

This post deals with BDSM &
should probably be considered NSFW

Once upon a time Esther was a mortal. Or at least, that’s what her memories tell her. Her lover had earned a boon from Andrealphus and spent it to have her soul re-forged into a demon upon her death. It was agony. It was ecstasy. With more than a century in hell and several hours of her Prince’s personal attention, and she has never again felt anything like it.

It was supposed to have been a favor. Worst. Favor. Ever. Whomever Esther had been was tortured into oblivion and infused with a piece of her Prince’s sense of loss, betrayal, and unholy, unquenchable lust.

For a time she existed as her lover’s pet, docile and obedient, trusting the elder demon to help her understand how to navigate the afterlife with a perpetual, painful hard-on and a constant need to penetrate and be penetrated.


The PFD is Andrealphus’ secret police. Esther should be treated as a very junior member.
For additional information on the organization, read Superiors II.

However, once her Will was strong enough, she turned her bedmate and master over to the PFD for the crime of love. As reward they took her in. Trained her. Punished her. Used her to catch other apostate demons.

Now that Esther has paid her dues, she has been returned to Earth, tasked with finding whomever has been poaching her Prince’s Soldiers. The world has changed in her absence. She has change in its. Arousal courses through her borrowed flesh, but she has learned to live with it, to harness it, and to transmit an echo of her own eternal agony through it.

Gaming Tips

Ester is under cover. Even among party members she acts like she is nothing more than a favored Soldier of Lust (albeit a particularly horny and masochistic one). In order to keep her cover, she cannot do any significant harm to mortals.

Esther will occasionally fail Will rolls on purpose. This can be for purposes of cover, but more likely it’s because she wants to recapture that moment when Andrealphus shredded her soul to build something new.

Esther, Calabite of Andrealphus

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 5, Agi 3]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 4, Pre 4]
Celestial Forces: 5 [Will 11, Per 9]

Vessel: Human/2, Charisma (Sex Appeal: Universal)/1
Role: Amateur Fighter 2/6

Songs: Charm (Corporeal/4, Celestial/2), Might (Celestial/2), Seals (Celestial/3)
Skills: Area Knowledge/1, Detect Lies/2, Dodge/4, Emote/1, Escape/2, Fighting/4, History/3, Lying/3, Savoir Faire/1, Seduction/3, Survival (Urban)/2

Attunements: Calabite of Lust
Servant: Xerxes 6/1
Discords: Addiction (Pain)/2 [Calabite], Lust/3, Obsession (Obedience)/3

Christian “Xerxes” Basil, Soldier of Lust

Xerxes is driven by a need to dominate. This is true in the board room and in the bedroom, and Xerxes is not above using the songs he learned from his demonic tutors to blur the lines between the two. Unfortunately, such shenanigans are on hold.

Hell has put him in charge of finding and training new potential Soldiers of Lust to make up for all the ones who have gone missing. Most of that time is taken up breaking in his new charge, Esther.

Gaming Tips:

Xerxes believes that Esther serves him. He will “punish” her when she defies him – but will generally end up following her lead.


Xerxes is more likely to oppose Esther’s orders (Will x2) if they involve public submission or if they would clearly jeopardize his job.

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 5, Agi 3]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int: 5, Pre: 7]
Celestial Forces: 2 [Will: 4, Per: 4]

Status: 4 (Salesman), Charisma: 2 (Commanding)

Songs: Calling (Corporeal/3),
Forbidding (Corporeal/3)
Skills: Area Knowledge/3, Computer Use/1, Dancing/1, Detect Lies/3, Dodge/1, Driving /1, Emote/4, Fast Talk/4, Knots/2, Medicine/2, Seduction/3, Small Weapons (Canes)*/4

Disadvantages: Lust/1, Obsession (Dominance)/2

*Canes have -1 Accuracy and anywhere from -3 to +1 Power depending on weight. Xerxes has a wide selection to chose from.